This Is Why We Thrive

Some time ago we did a survey to measure our impact. Here are some numbers that make us really happy.

by tbd*, May 6, 2020
Sticker with the words "Change is Coming"

Our mission is to make work better for everyone and therefore make the world a better place. Sometimes, however, we as a team sit behind our screens in our individual home offices and are unable to feel our results. Articles are read so and so often, but what does it mean? Do we make a difference? Do we have an impact on other people?

This was the point where you – our community – were in demand. And we just asked you how tbd* has influenced you. We took a close look at the results, celebrated a lot, but also critically questioned many things. But anyway, we want to say thank you at this point. Thanks for the fact that we now feel the impact and that we know more than ever why we are doing this work!

For the past quarter year, tbd*...

... helped individuals to have an impact: 6,5 on a scale of 1 to 10,


... reached 143.378 people,


... published 57 different articles ...


... and 237 jobs.