About Us

tbd* supports those who are determined to make a career out of changing the world.  

We’re a digital hub where people like you can find a job, hire the right team, discover workshops and courses, locate funding opportunities, connect with mission-driven companies, share best practices, or learn from others who are using their careers to make an impact.

Some of the awesome things we do 

***Job Board 

More than 3,000 impact-driven companies and organizations use tbd* to look for new team members. Over the last few years we have reached over one million people looking for purposeful careers and helped them to discover jobs at the UN, Greenpeace, BMW Foundation, WWF, jobs4refugees, Change.org, DKMS, NABU, LobbyControl, Wildplastic, Soulbottles - the list goes on... 

We operate our job board both in German and English language meaning that we list jobs regardless of location. However we do have ethical criteria guidelines to clarify which type of organizations we work with. For more information please see tbd* ethical guidelines. 

***Career Coaching 

Purpose Fellowship:

Since 2020, the tbd* Purpose Fellowship has supported hundreds of purpose-driven professionals to build a career they love. 

Are you feeling lost or stuck in your career? Want to work with more purpose, more meaning and more joy? the tbd* Purpose Fellowship is an 8-week program designed to help you build a career YOU love. The Purpose Fellowship is a unique coaching program that combines online workshops, coaching sessions, Mastermind groups and much more.

Our alumni have rated it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Learn more here.

Wellbeing Fellowship:

Together with the psychologist, team leader of Healing Healing and systemic coach Soraida Velazquez Reve, we have developed a 6-week intensive program, which included weekly seminars & workshops, numerous exercises and group coaching. The program is based on the building blocks of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment) therapy, which are also used in psychosomatic clinics and are evidence-based, i.e. proven to strengthen one's own resilience.

Learn more about the Wellbeing Fellowship.


New ideas can be found, for example, on the following topics:

  • Work smarter: Here, social impact professionals pass on tips to the community and open up new perspectives on working life.
  • to belonging: Our journey from diversity and inclusion to belonging.
  • Wellbeing: How not to burn out while changing the world. 
  • Start something: Founders learn all the news from the sustainable/social start-up scene. In addition there are Tipps to financing and establishment.
  • People: Interviews and field reports offer insights into the work of social entrepreneurs.
  • Career Advice: How do you find a "meaningful" job?
  • Recruitment Tips: Here, HR professionals can find out more about new ideas in the field of recruitment.

***The Career Guide: Jobs with purpose in Germany 

This free, online guide offers application tips, highlights relevant courses of study and profiles organzsations in the field of development, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. It also shares stories and insights from experts in social impact. This makes it easier for people looking for a job with impact to find a job. You can find it here in German and here in English.

***Salary Report (German)

The aim of the report is to create transparency - for jobseekers, but also for employers*. The report provides companies and organizations in the social sector with important clues as to what they need to offer in order to find and retain the best employees.

***Organizational profiles: Directory of companies and organizations in the public interest

We want to build the largest directory of social impact companies and organizations. In the directory organisations can promote their work and at the same time connect with other companies and organizations in the sector.

Why tbd*

Trump, Brexit, climate change, mass migration… we live in a time of great uncertainty. The outcome is still to be determined.

It has become increasingly clear that it’s up to us to shape the world that we want to live in. And the time to do it is now.

But positive social change doesn’t happen by sitting back and waiting for something to happen. These uncertain times call for people to lean in.

And it’s happening.

Around the world, people have shown what it means to be determined to shape a better future. People are changing. Industries are changing. Work is changing. That’s right, we’re not just talking about doing a bit of good on the side, we’re talking about a world in which activism and the fight for a better world is fully integrated into our lives and careers.

But we’re not just talking about it, we’re ready to make it happen. And we know we’re not alone.

There is a growing movement of people like you, and us, who are already using their 9-5 jobs to change the world for the better - or want to. Until now, resources and support for these individuals and organizations have been hard-to-find or inadequate. We’re determined to change that.

tbd* supports those who are making a career out of changing the world by giving them access to the tools and opportunities they need to determine a better future.

Whether you work for a charity or a multinational corporation; if are running your own business or still studying, we have got you covered. We don’t believe that you have to be an aid-worker to do good. Everybody, everywhere can use their time at the office to change the world and it is our mission to help you do so.

We are not a team of journalists sitting behind our desks. Our content is generated by our community - people like you - meaning you get firsthand advice from practitioners and thought-leaders who are in the field and doing the work. We are grassroots and community-driven all the way and we want you to be part of it.

How It Starts

We help you get motivated to seek out work in the social impact sector or start something new by showing you all the different ways that you can instigate change.

Once you’re ready and revved up, we give you concrete tools and opportunities to help you turn changing the world into your full-time job.

How It Grows

We help you find the best employees for your team, and retain the ones you have, so you can focus on changing the world.

We help you and your organization achieve better visibility and promote your work, while connecting you to others working on similar issues so that you can learn from one another and collaborate.

We help you maximize your impact and work more effectively by providing expert perspectives and advice from experienced social impact professionals, along with access to professional development and skill-building both online and offline.

Our Bottom Line

We want to live in a just and equal world where consideration for the planet and its people are at the core of decision-making. Nobody said getting there would be easy - but with tbd*, it just got a hell of a lot easier. We’ve got your back, even when the going gets tough, so that you can focus on changing the world.

Now it’s up to you.
Time, To Be Determined.

We believe in a better future. And we are determined to create it.