Join an international community of like-minded people, who will support you to take the next big leap towards a more meaningful career

Are you currently feeling lost or stuck in your career? Do you feel ready to take the next step? Have you perhaps recently lost your job or just want a change? Do you want to build your network, understand your challenges and find tools to overcome them?

The Purpose Fellowship supports purpose-driven professionals to build a career they love, are fulfilled by and that serves a greater good. It is a 8-week peer-to-peer coaching programme, carried out entirely virtually, created by tbd* and The Arc.

NEXT COHORT START DATE: 12th February 2021


We want to make the programme as accessible as possible to as many people as possible so we have a trust-based tiered pricing system: 

Purpose Finder
Are you currently unemployed, recently graduated or in a low-income bracket? Then this is the option for you!
380€ /incl. tax
Are you mid-to-high income and mid-to-high experience and want to be matched with other people at a similar level? Join us as a Professional!
540€ /incl. tax
Is your company enabling you to join this course so that you an become a more purpose-driven professional and a better leader? Then this is the one you should choose. 
890€ /incl. tax

What to expect?

  • Your personal Mastermind group: Based on your application/ registration you will be matched with 2-3 other smart and passionate people to serve as your direct challengers and cheerleaders. You will meet every week at 5pm on a Friday for 90 minutes to coach each other (you can meet more often if you want)
  • A professionally accompanied peer-coaching process: With the guidance of our professional coaches you will learn the basics of peer-coaching and get a tried-and-tested framework to help each other to set and achieve your objectives. Every Friday at 1pm there will be a recorded session. You don't have to join but we recommend it as you will get the chance to try out a coaching exercise with different people in the group.
  • Purpose-specific Inspiration Session: one of the friday sessions will be an "Inspiration Session" with people relevant to building a career with purpose, which we will co-create with you. 
  • An online network: We use slack to stay in touch and communicate between calls. You will not only have access to the knowledge and resources of tbd* and The Arc but also of the entire community of Purpose Fellows - and that does not end after nine weeks. 
  • By the end of the programme: our goal is or for you to exit this programme with a purpose-driven mindset, basic coaching competencies and leadership potential, which will help you build your career with purpose. 
  • Individual professional coaching sessions – if needed: In case you are so stuck that even your Mastermind group cannot help you, there is always the chance to book an individual session with Astrid Schrader, founder of The Arc, or Naomi Ryland, founder of tbd* and author of “Starting a Revolution”, who can help you create the most compelling job application or launch a revolutionary business. Please note that individual coaching is not included in the standard Purpose Fellowship price.

«I had a coaching from the Arbeitsagentur (Unemployment Service) in parallel which somehow was forced upon me. Luckily I managed to stop it because it didn't really help me. Your program is so much better. Why? Because of the mastermind groups, the additional sessions (indeed, very helpful!!!), your loving and caring attitude, the possibilities to connect to each other. I have been searching for more meaningful work since January 2020, sometimes hopeful, sometimes in despair, sometimes too tired to go on. But you give me hope, knowing I am not alone in this. So thank you. I feel blessed.» – Purpose Fellow, First Cohort

    Time required to complete the programme:

    Fixed Schedule:

    • Friday 1-2pm CEST (optional but recommended): coaching basics, live coachings, purpose-quests - see course schedule. These sessions will be recorded so you do not have to join but then you miss out on the live interactions with others.  
    • Friday 5-6.30pm CEST (meet with your mastermind group and coach each other to reach your goals)

    Additional Commitments:

    • Time to complete your own homework. What does this mean? We want you to use this time to get shit done. Make sure you are able to make enough time during this process to actually do the work that you need to do. Whether that is applying for jobs, journalling, building your network or taking more time for self-care. We can give you the tools and the community but you still have to do the work. 
    • Interactions on slack
    • Optional additional coaching sessions with your group and others
    • Co-create: we know that you are the real experts, so we love to have sessions run by fellows too!

    Who is it for?

    The Purpose Fellowship is designed for purpose-driven professionals at any stage of their career, who align with our mission to make the world a better place. 

    It is an entirely virtual programme (although we will hope to have some live events and dinners in different locations once we are able to meet offline again), so you can take part from anywhere. 

    It does not matter where you are in your purpose- career-journey. What matters is that you share our ambition to build a meaningful career and to reach your next level professionally. You should also feel intrigued by the idea of doing all this with the support of an equally inspired community.

    Important! The Purpose Fellowship is not for everyone. It requires a significant amount of self-organised work and drive. Hence, please only join, if all the following apply to you:

    1. You are willing to DO THE WORK. Do not expect to be given a magic recipe for a better life with overnight results (although you should expect quite a few aha moments!)

    2. This is a peer-coaching programme. You are ready to receive feedback, to listen and are ready to give your time and energy to others, too. #no_arrogance

    3. Purpose Fellows want to build a better life for themselves and a more sustainable and just global society.

    «I have literally been ranting to all my friends all evening about how powerful and on point was to listen to you talk about my challenges and how fulfilling it has been to talk about someone else's challenges to really help them understand their problems. Such a great session, I am so energised!» – Purpose Fellow, First Cohort



    Programme breakdown:

    WEEK 1: How is my thinking holding me back?

    ►Get matched with your Mastermind and start right away into a process of honest self-enquiry: How am I generating the very conditions I am trying to avoid?

    ►We will take an inventory of how fulfilled we are in different areas of our (work) life, and which areas - if improved just a little bit - would have the biggest overall positive effect on all other areas in our lives

    WEEK 2: My vision for impact

    ► Based on our findings in week 1 we shall indulge in a vision-building process where we will sense into: What is my true passion? What is my mission? What is the impact I am here to build? 

    WEEK 3: Hacking my work to fit my life purpose

    ► Using our Purpose Canvas you will follow the key questions that you need to make what you have learned so far fit into a career. Yes, we'll talk about money as well as passion, people and roles.

    WEEK 4: The Wheel of Change

    ► Knowing where you are heading, what do you need to let go off, what do you need to accept and what do you need to change? This session will help you cut down your to-do list and focus on what really matters

    ► Are you ready to move up, move out or adapt your style? Time to decide. 

    WEEK 5: Finding your people

    ► You are hesitant to become an entrepreneur? Hang out with entrepreneurs for 4 weeks and experience first hand that they are actual humans. We lose fear when we find our people!

    ► This week we will focus on how to build yourself an ecosystem that challenges and supports you on your journey to more impactful work

    WEEK 6: Build your story or: the art of shining in your CV

    ►The essence of a great first impression whether that’s in a CV, a networking event or an elevator is a credible story. Let’s develop yours. One that comes truly from the heart and the telling of which fills you up with pride!

    WEEK 7 #1: Dare greatly! Becoming more self-confident

    ► Let’s face it! Many of us struggle to dare great things, because we don’t feel confident enough. This is memorized suffering. 

    If our thinking shapes our reality: What would you choose to think differently?

    WEEK 7 #2: Inspiration Session

    ► A session fully adapted to the needs of the fellows which you co-create. In the past we have had experts on salary negotiations, CV crafting, personal branding, pandemic-survival, social entrepreneurship, building a non-profit and working on climate action. 

    WEEK 8: The steps beyond

    ► Just that the Purpose Fellowship is finished, doesn’t mean it’s ending! In this session we design a compelling path for you to go on after the Fellowship. 

    ►And… celebrate all our successes!



    START DATE: 12th February

    *Please note that places are limited. Based on experience, places sell out quickly!

    We wholeheartedly welcome fellows who have experienced marginalisation and/or are subject to significant financial barriers to taking part. We have a small number of scholarships available. Please understand that simply being unemployed does not qualify you for a scholarship, as this is a programme which is specifically targeted at people who are making a change in their career. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please send us an email (no special application materials necessary, please keep it simple) and include the following information:
    1. Information about your financial situation 
    2. Evidence of your previous commitment to a career with purpose 
    3. Your goal(s) within the Purpose Fellowship
    4. Any other relevant biographical information that you feel comfortable sharing

    Only emails containing this information will be considered. Please note we will respond to scholarship requests after the application deadline has closed. Please don't expect a response until then.

    Wir akzeptieren die Bildungsprämie für The Purpose Fellowship. Das Bundesprogramm Bildungsprämie wird vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung und dem Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.
    Förderberechtigte Personen bekommen einen Förder-Zuschuss von bis zu 500 €.
    Die Bildungsprämie ist nicht mit Rabatten kombinierbar.
    The Purpose Fellowship befähigt die Teilnehmenden, selbst die Coaching Methoden in der eigenen Arbeit einzusetzen (z.B. in der Bildungsarbeit, Berufsorientierung, im Coaching etc.) und können daher bei entsprechendem Wunsch des Teilnehmenden als Weiterbildung anerkannt werden. Eines deiner beruflichen Weiterbildungsziele sollte also u.a. sein, eine Methode zu erlernen, mit der Du andere Menschen bei der Berufsorientierung unterstützen kannst. Informiere Dich hier über die Bildungsprämie. Falls es für Dich in Frage kommt, melde Dich gern.