Workshops & Coachings for Organizations 

tbd* offers workshops and coachings on the topics of anti-discrimination, mental health/resilience, new work.

Corona? Burnout in the Impact Sector? Unconscious bias & racism in recruiting? Never before have organizations faced so many challenges at once. We can help you understand and reshape the new world of work. To this end, we offer workshops on the following topics, either over one day, at regular intervals, or over several weeks. 

We are also happy to put together an individual program for you.


Belonging & Anti-Discrimination

to belonging* is our next step to rethink and act on the topic of anti-discrimination. Moving away from the discourse of visibility of diversity and inclusion to authentic and lived belonging for all groups experiencing discrimination. This is to lead to radical systemic change in the impact sector, from "power over" and "power for" to "power with." 

We tailor our offer according to your specific needs, as we are aware that every team is unique and therefore there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Some possible workshop topics may include:  

Understanding Intersectionality: Intro to Belonging & Anti-Discrimination. 

Changing Organizational Culture: Inclusion & anti-discrimination in recruiting & onboarding.

How does anti-discrimination fit into your sustainable value chain

Anti-discrimination practices for NGOs/foundations in the global south

Anti-discrimination and sustainability - how do they fit together?

We offer other special programs for organizations that want to support people who have experienced discrimination.


Wellbeing, Resilience & Mental Health 

Our Wellbeing program is specifically for organizations that want to take responsibility for the wellbeing of their employees*. After all, impact professionals in particular are increasingly committed - often selflessly - to supporting society and their environment, must always keep complex issues in mind, and must take on a great deal of responsibility in the process. Unfortunately, personal well-being and building resilience are often neglected in a 40-hour week, alongside home schooling and other daily demands.

Our Wellbeing Program is run by an experienced psychologist and is based on learning content that is also used in psychosomatic clinics, i.e. has been proven to strengthen one's own resilience. 

The aim is to create a space for employees to strengthen their resilience in the long term. As well as being able to grow more together as a team through learning together. 

If you're interested in booking a Wellbeing Fellowship for your team, please send us an email at


New Work and Self-Organization

tbd* is a self-organized team that works based on roles. We have been sharing our own journey from a classic hierarchy to a holacracy model with our community for a long time. Now we would like to directly accompany organizations that are also on this exciting journey or are in the middle of this process.

Therefore, we also offer workshops on the following topics:  

New Work and Inner Work 

Self Organized Teams 

Roles and Strengths based Team Work 

Remote Work (Digital Tools and Corporate Culture for Remote Teams)


You would like to organize a workshop for your team or learn more about our in-house programs and coaching?

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