Using Journalism to Drive Social Change

Netta Ahituv dedicates her work as a journalist exclusively to sustainable social change and shows us how to be "more constructive, hopeful and optimistic".

by TwentyThirty, January 21, 2019
TwentyThirty Netta Ahituv

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“It is our mission to be more constructive, hopeful, and optimistic.”

Netta Ahituv

Climate change, global warming, pollution, over-consumption: Most people know that we all carry a heavy bag of problems that we collectively created, but only few want to talk about it. Constructive journalism can play a key role when it comes to living a more sustainable and conscious life.

Netta Ahituv made it her mission as a journalist to show people in a constructive and empathetic way how they can drive social, political, and ecological change. Based in Tel Aviv, Netta works as a senior magazine correspondent and editor at Haaretz Newspaper. In addition, she hosts a weekly radio program about urbanism at Galatz Radio Station and a weekly spot in a TV debate show on foreign affairs on the Israeli national channel.

In 2014 she won the Pratt Prize for Journalism in the category of "Extensive and Important Body of Work." Netta not only talks and writes about social change and sustainability, she also makes her very own tangible contribution: She founded a women’s soccer league in Israel, where 100 women play soccer weekly as a hobby and as an empowering tool, and recently launched the Little Suns to Gaza project, which aims to bring solar lights to children in Gaza.


Netta Ahituv is a member of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network. She took part in the Responsible Leaders Forum Marseille in 2018.

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