Refine your Idea for Democracy

D•lab is a program where engaged people from the field of digital democracy get supported to refine their idea for democracy.

by Julia Loewe, March 31, 2019

betterplace lab is launching D•lab – Digital Democracy lab. D•lab is a program where we support engaged people from the field of digital democracy to refine their idea for democracy. The project is funded by EVZ Foundation „Remembrance, Responsibility and Future“ and implemented together with the local project partner 1991 Civic Tech Center in Kyiv. Apply now!

D•lab in a few sentences

D•lab is a betterplace lab program where we support ideas from Ukrainian civil society for a better democracy in the digital age. At D•lab 15 selected Ukrainian based innovators come together in Berlin, Kyiv and digitally within the time frame of the project (May until September 2019) to collaboratively work on their ideas. They are supported by (external) input, a peer-learning format and an international network to help bring their ideas to the next level. Apply with your idea here

D•lab – program description

D•lab stands for “Digital Democracy lab” and is a program by betterplace lab, funded by the German EVZ Foundation (Foundation for “Rememberance, Responsibility and Future”.

At D•lab we want to bring together innovative minds that have an idea to foster democracy in a digitised world. The participants of D•lab will come together several times in the course of 2019 – in Berlin, Kyiv and digitally – to discuss, sharpen and scrutinize their idea for a better democracy through digital solutions.

D•lab will support the participants in the comprehensive fields such as innovative methodology (e.g. design thinking), in looking at the impact dimension of the respective idea and in discussing rather technological seeming questions (e.g. Human Centered Design). We pursue a collaborative approach throughout the program, providing a mix of expert input, peer-learning and constant feedback loops ensuring the program is catering to the needs of the participants.

D•lab serves as a space for further development, testing and reflection on the participants project idea – continuously creating a playing field for mutual inspiration and network building.

D•lab is a program focusing on an exchange of knowledge of Germany and Ukraine, however, all 15 participants of D•lab are based in Ukraine. We decided to scout participants from oneof the two countries to provide similar working contexts, shape a local/national network and hopefully lay the foundation stone for further collaboration in Ukraine. Nevertheless, international collaboration is at the heart of the project, as betterplace lab is a Berlin-based nonprofit think-and-do-tank, our project partner 1991 Civic Tech Center is a Kyiv-based NGO and the foundation funding D•lab –  EVZ Foundation (Foundation for “Rememberance, Responsibility and Future”.

The application for the participation is possible from now up to 22.04.2019.