Company Collaboration

A new form of group work.

by Maggie Koontz, January 17, 2018
Company Collaboration
When most people hear the word collaboration, they think of working on a shared project in a group. Although this is true some of the time, collaboration can be implemented in other ways. By using a technique called co-learning, individuals with their own projects can meet up and share their ideas. This allows people to solve problems with their own work by seeking out another person when they need a little help rather than working with a group the entire time.

The Problem with Group Work

Group work can often be a hassle because coordinating schedules and finding a place to meet is almost impossible. Typically, one person usually takes charge while another person only does the minimum amount of work. Aside from group dynamic problems, some projects are a one-person job. However, that doesn’t mean that the project is easy or accomplished quickly. Sometimes, people get stuck and need a little advice. That’s where co-learning comes into play.

How to Get Collaborating

Collaboration in the office doesn’t always happen naturally. It takes the right environment and atmosphere to facilitate work among colleagues. The workplace needs to be open and comfortable so that coworkers do not feel closed off from one another. People should feel able to speak their opinion openly. Feedback should be welcomed and sought out. The right environment will help spark communication.

Start Talking

Communication is key to collaboration. The open exchange of ideas is vital to solving problems and sharing wisdom. Focusing on your own project has its merits, but only by talking with others can you solve problems and gain more knowledge. Often, a different perspective from someone else can reveal the solution faster than just staring at it by yourself. Talking through a problem with someone else is a great way to find an answer.

Why Should You Collaborate?

Not only is collaboration beneficial for your projects, it is helpful to others. When other people help you with your project, they will learn how to deal with that problem in the future. However, collaboration goes both ways. You should offer your advice to others and share your experiences so that their project gets completed faster. You might learn something too and the person you helped might be able to pass on information in the future.

Collaboration is something that should be encouraged in the office especially if people have large tasks that are difficult to tackle. Employers should cultivate the right environment so that employees feel like they can ask others for help. Also, coworkers should be open to helping others if necessary. So, teach a little, learn a little.

This article was inspired by the unity co-learning event on June 20th, 2017. Check out our calendar for more events.

Originally published July 20, 2017