Journeys to Europe: The Challenges Refugees Face

A recent study aims to increase understanding of the journeys made by migrants.

by Maugan Dixon, January 1, 2018

2016 arrived in similar stead to the conclusion of 2015; the dawn of the year has encountered similar migration policy debates and human rights issues, while intergovernmental relationships have been put to the test. 

However, this year could be the year for change because with information come answers to the questions we've been struggling with.

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) has conducted in-depth interviews with over 50 refugees, migrants and asylum seekers who recently arrived in European cities like Berlin, London and Manchester. The study explores the journeys migrants take; the factors that drive them; and the capacity of destination country migration policies to influence people’s decisions, both before their journey begins and along the way.

The results aim to put a face to the migrant problems using real evidence collected on the ground, in order to make observations and influence policy-making. 

The results? The numbers don’t lie and based on these, ODI call for three main areas of improvement:

  1. Make the commute safer
  2. Create a more efficient more fair EU asylum system
  3. Make the most of migration

To read the full report by the ODI entitled Journeys to Europe: The role of policy in migrant decision-making, go here

Originally published February 17, 2016