wellbeing fellowship

Wellbeing Fellowship - Resilience 

Wellbeing Fellowship - Resilience 

Constant stress, who doesn't know it - especially in these uncertain and chaotic times? 

Impact professionals work hard to make the world a little better every day. They work hard - often selflessly - to support society and their environment, must always keep complex issues in mind, and take on a great deal of responsibility in the process.  As they work to take care of others, and the world, their personal well-being and building their own resilience often get the short end of the stick. The Wellbeing Project's recent study "Wellbeing Inspires Welldoing" shows that 75% of the impact professionals surveyed consider it very important to do something for their personal wellbeing. However, only 25% of participants said they were actively doing something about it. That's fatal! 

With more than 8 years of tireless work in the impact sector, we at tbd* are also more than familiar with this issue. After learning the hard way (i.e. suffering from burnouts, anxiety and depression) we realized it was time to do something about our mental health. And not just for ourselves, but for everyone who struggles with their mental health at work. 

With the tbd* Wellbeing Fellowship - RESILIENCE, we created a safe space for people who want to learn more about building resilience, stress management and wellbeing. In doing so, we are establishing a community of people who can empower each other, share best practices within their organizations, and most importantly, rebuild their own resilience and resilience.  

The Wellbeing Fellowship - RESILIENCE

Together with the professional psychologist, we developed a 6 week intensive program characterized by weekly seminars & workshops, numerous exercises and group coaching sessions. The program includes:

A 6 week online program that is ideal for remote teams

A total of 18 hours of expert input spread over two sessions each week

Program management and facilitation by group therapy experienced psychologist Soraida Velazquez Reve  

The content is based on the building blocks of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment) therapy, which are also used in psychosomatic clinics and are evidence-based, i.e. proven to strengthen one's own resilience

Program Overview

Week 1 - Getting to know each other and setting individual goals 
We start with an introduction to the program and a mutual getting to know each other, as well as setting the ground rules for how we show up in the space. Over the next 6 weeks, you will develop your relationships with the fellow participants as you journey through your personal Mastermind groups and work on your personal goals together. They will become your allies, confidants, and support network.  

Week 2 - Dealing with stress and personal stressors
We take a look at the definition of stress, how we deal with stress amplifiers, our stress reactions and the physiological effects of stress. The focus is on discovering your own mix of stressors, stress amplifiers and stress reactions in order to develop appropriate ways of dealing with them. Through numerous exercises, you will learn techniques to strengthen your own resilience, including mindfulness, as well as alternative relaxation methods that you can immediately integrate into everyday life.

Week 3 - Discovering values with ACT
In the third week you will receive an introduction to the meaning of values according to ACT. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ("ACT") is a behavioral therapy approach that aims to reduce avoidance behaviors related to unpleasant experiences = Acceptance, as well as build values-based, committed action = Commitment. Where am I already living my values? How can I live my values at work? Through the values work, you will get to know your individual values compass, so that an inner stability can be achieved even in phases of uncertainty. 

Week 4 - Setting boundaries - creating spaces 
In week 4 you will learn to set boundaries - the central act of self-care. What do I want to separate myself from? How firm are my boundaries? We will use interactive exercises to not only develop awareness of our own boundaries but at the same time actively practice a new behavior of purposeful boundary setting. Week four is the dry run for the coming week.

Week 5 - Implementation in the work context
For an easy transfer into the everyday life it goes in the fifth week into the conversion of learned techniques concretely referred to work situations. Especially in the area of social skills you can try out new ways of dealing with challenging work situations together, learn from each other and with each other. The knowledge of your own values, limits and spaces, as well as strengths, will help you in this process.

Week 6 - Elective topic and completion of the goal hierarchy 
In the final week we want to offer you as participants an extra space to deepen a desired or chosen topic as well as special learned techniques of resilience building. We will take stock of the past weeks and our own steps towards resilience.

Who is this program for?

This program is specifically for organizations that want to take responsibility for the wellbeing of their employees*. Organizations who are not afraid to make mental health an issue, and priority, in the company. Those who have recognized that this requires a safe space, which is now the challenge and the reward for the entire team.

As managers and HR leaders, we know that our people are our strength. This is a challenging time for everyone and yet many of us don't know how to support our teams. Our Wellbeing Fellowship aims to address this and creates a safe, moderated, professional space where you can boost employee wellbeing. Designed specifically for the impact sector, it helps build knowledge and community for sustainable resilience building within the team.

Disclaimer: The program cannot replace psychotherapy! If there is any uncertainty whether this program is suitable for your team in the current situation, please feel free to contact us.  

Would you like to offer the Wellbeing Fellowship for your team (up to 60 people)? Contact us! We can adapt the program and the individual modules to your individual needs and goals. To enquire about the program details, please send us an email at hello@tbd.community