Whether you’re new to Germany or looking to reorient yourself professionally, this guide is here to help you. Written by experts in the field, it's your insider pass to Germany’s social impact sector. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of how the German impact sector works and who its key actors are. Plus you’ll be armed with practical resources and honest advice to help you take your job search to the next level. Read More

1: Getting to Know the German Impact Sector

In this section, you’ll find exclusive insights into this flourishing sector, as we outline who the key players are, which causes and issue areas are being addressed, and in which cities you’ll find all the action. By the end of this section, you’ll know who’s who and be equipped with the in-depth knowledge to take your job search to the next level. Read More

Types of Organizations

To help you orient yourself in the German impact sector, this section provides an overview of the four main organization types and provides examples of each. Read More

City Guides

Not sure where to move? Want to get to know the local impact scene in your city? In this section you'll find city guides for Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Bonn, Cologne and Stuttgart. Read More


In this section, you’ll learn about some of the key issues and causes to work on - and which German organizations are working on them. Read More


The range of roles opening up in the German impact sector is growing day-by-day. Today’s impact organizations need everything from engineers to accountants, project managers to social media gurus. Read More

2: Everything You Need to Know Before Applying

Whether you’re in Germany already or gearing up to make the move, this section is full of practical and professional advice to help you get settled in, land that dream job and happily working with purpose in no time. Read More

Making the Move

With its strong economy, low unemployment and excellent quality of life, Germany is attracting more and more foreigners. But really awaits you and what can you expect when you arrive? Read More

Language Programs

While you can get by without it, learning German will open up many more doors for you, both professionally and personally. Here's an overview of the top language schools, at all price points and commitment levels. Read More

Work Culture

This section provides a brief introduction to workplace culture in Germany. From sick leave to giving feedback, there are a few things you need to know before crashing the office. Read More

Salary and Job Satisfaction

What can you expect to earn in Germany's impact sector and where are employees the happiest? Use this section to help you negotiate your salary and think about what kind of organizations are well-suited for your personality. Read More

Application Tips and Advice

In this section, a German head-hunter shares her advice for navigating the job search in Germany, and how to overcome any unexpected cultural differences during the application process. Read More

Where to Meet the Right People

We all know that networking is key, especially when you’re starting out in a new place or looking for new opportunity. So what conferences and events should you visit to find out more about your potential career options? Read More

Where to Work: Co-Working Spaces

We've compiled a list of the top co-working spaces for impact individuals and organizations so that you can find a home for your world-changing work. Read More

3. Alternative Paths

As the idea of greater flexibility at work becomes increasingly en vogue, alternative career paths and work models are springing up to meet these changing tastes. In this section, we'll take a closer look at everything from entrepreneurship to intrapreneurship. Read More

Social Entrepreneurship in Germany

In this section you'll find an overview of some of the key organizations that offer support to German social entrepreneurs through a variety of means, from accelerators and incubator programs to funding competitions and mentoring. Read More

Social Intrapreneurship and CSR

If you’re interested in how you can have a social impact without leaving your corporate job, this chapter is for you. Read on to learn how you can leverage your company’s assets to instigate real change. Read More

PhD Programs for Impact Professionals

If you’re further along your education journey and brimming with intellectual curiosity then a PhD program might be the right option for you. We've rounded up the leading PhD programs in areas ranging from development studies to environment and society. Read More

Freelancing in Germany

As many organizations working in the German social or sustainability sector don’t have enough budget to hire permanent staff and instead outsource contracts on a project-by-project basis, freelance work can offer a great potential springboard into these sectors. Read More

Volunteering in Germany

If you're interested in contributing to positive social or environmental change but not quite sure about taking the plunge with your full-time job, volunteering can be a great option. Here are some initiatives that offer volunteer opportunities. Read More

Final Thoughts

You’ve made it to the end of this guide, however this is really just the beginning! Now it’s your turn, hopefully armed with knowledge and know-how, to go out there and make it happen. To help you get started on your own, here are some next steps we’d suggest taking. Read More