With rising rents and limited space, it can be hard to find the perfect space to grow a new social venture or get your freelance work done. However, in most German cities there are numerous options out there, many of which offer much more than just a physical place to work. Working in a co-working space also provides a great opportunity to meet new people, network and find out about local happenings.

We've compiled a list of the fourteen top co-working spaces for impact individuals and organizations so that you can find a home for your world-changing work.

  1. Impact HUB ( Berlin, Dresden, Essen and Munich): One of the best known global players in this area, Impact Hub is the world’s largest network focused on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale. They have hubs across Germany, in Berlin, Dresden, Essen and Munich and alongside their co-working spaces they also deliver a range of accelerator programs, investing in some of the most innovative social ideas.

  2. Social Impact Labs (Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Potsdam, Stuttgart and Duisburg): Social Impact Labs offer both co-working spaces and consulting services specifically designed for social entrepreneurs and mission-driven companies. They’re been growing rapidly in recent years and now have labs at seven locations around Germany including Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

  3. WeWork: The global co-working space has multiple locations in Berlin, offering up beautiful desk space for both individuals and teams.

  4. Thinkfarm (Berlin): Thinkfarm aims to be more than just a coworking space, it’s a breeding ground for meaningful action towards a more socially just and ecologically sustainable society. Their office community is based near Treptow park in Berlin and has ~55 desk spaces which are used by a wide range of projects, companies and freelancers who work together, sharing best practices and support one another.

  5. Betahaus (Berlin and Hamburg): Betahaus is a coworking space with over 500 members from numerous different startups, nonprofits, and small businesses. One of the best and most unique aspects of Betahaus is that your membership also allows for access to any of their 15+ partner locations around the world. In order to foster a strong sense of community, Betahaus even hosts over 1,000 events per year. They have spaces in both Berlin and Hamburg.

  6. CRCLR (Berlin): Based in Berlin’s Neukölln neighborhood, the CRCLR House is a space designed specifically for entrepreneurs looking to enter the market using circular economic principles. CRCLR house offers the ability to test products and concepts in-house before launching them so that your business can ensure your product is appealing to customers while also fulfilling the principles of zero waste.

  7. Cocreation Loft (Berlin): The name of this coworking space is indicative of its character and culture. Cocreation.loft aims to be a space to connect, work, grow, be inspired, and belong. Their meditation and yoga room as well as frequent talks, events, and workshops, makes them a unique space for collaboration and co-creation.  With a modern, yet cozy, interior, cocreation.loft will spark your creativity, and keep you focused and motivated while you are among fellow innovators.

  8. Grünhof (Freiburg): Grünhof is home to the startup, sustainability and creative scene in the Freiburg region. Whether you want to build a sustainable business, implement a non-profit idea or take your first steps as a freelancer, Grünhof is the place for you. Alongside their physical space they also offer a number of incubator programs, such as the ‘Smart Green Accelerator’.

  9. Mehrwerkstatt (Nuremberg): Mehrwerkstatt co-working space in Nuremberg is ideal for anyone looking to get connected to a growing community in the fields of social impact and creative business. Their minimalist space is located in an old workshop in Nuremberg's well-connected Gostenhof district and they offer a flexible range prices plans.

  10. ISSO (Koblenz): ISSO (the Institute for Social and Sustainable Oikonomics) is a central point of collaboration between universities, companies, municipalities and individuals working in the sustainability and start-up scene in the Middle Rhine region. They offer a co-working space for their community and also run education programs, consulting services and a range of events.

  11. Colabor (Cologne): Colabor is a hub for those who are committed to social and sustainable change in the Cologne area. Their co-working space features desks, a lounge, kitchen, meeting rooms and a terrace and can be used for customer and project meetings as well as smaller networking events and workshops. Colabor also run regular events to bring together local NGOs, companies and freelancers working for positive change.

  12. wizemann.space (Stuttgart): Based in Stuttgart, Wizemann.space it is a hub for creative and entrepreneurial action for a better world. From a large entrance hall which fits 100 guests to a cozy room for just 8, Wizemann boosts a wide variety spaces with unique industrial charm. The organization also regularly hosts diverse events on social impact, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and more.

  13. Wonder (Berlin): Wonder is coworking space for women. The founder's goal was to create a place where women can learn from one another, support each other, and perhaps develop more courage to embrace their goals and projects. 

  14. Kaosberin (Berlin): Kaos is a space for designers, artists, startups, offices and events. It's a mix of private studios and shared working areas that can be flexibly separated in the large hall, a huge wood workshop with all the associated machines and tools, as well as desk workstations available for monthly rent and rooms for meetings and group work. A great spot if you are looking for a place to be artistically creative, a project space for prototypes, or a cheap office with complete infrastructure.