In the chapters below, you’ll find some of the causes to which you can dedicate your purpose career. Within each cause, you’ll find the main German organizations working in that field. From there, you can see if they’re hiring on our jobs board or reach out to the directly during your job search.

If you know you’re seeking a career with a positive impact, but unsure where to focus your efforts, using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guide to shape your choices can be a useful first step. The SDGs are 17 goals upon which the international community agreed in 2015 and which aim to unite member states under a common strategy for sustainability. They range from the creation of sustainable cities to the eradication of poverty and gender inequality.

Organizations from both the public and private sector are increasingly using the SDGs as a framework upon which they base their key objectives, so the goals offer a great starting point for your impact career. You can find more detailed descriptions of each goal and further useful resources here.