As the idea of greater flexibility at work becomes increasingly en vogue, and the 9-5 is rapidly losing popularity, alternative career paths and work models are springing up to meet these changing tastes. Given that Germany has a stable economy, strong social services and the cost of living is relatively cheap, it’s an ideal playground for experimentation. In fact, Berlin has recently been alluded to as the world’s social innovation capital.

Have a business idea simmering on the backburner? Curious about how you can influence change within your current (corporate) job? Or perhaps you’re considering harnessing your skills for freelance work? Then this section is for you. This section includes plenty of resources for entrepreneurs, as well as anyone else who is looking to mix up their current work routine whether it be through intrapreneurship or freelancing on the side.

We’ve also rounded up the top academic programs for those considering going back to school. And last but not least, we put together some of our favorite volunteering opportunities throughout Germany. While it’s unpaid work, volunteer work can be the best stepping stone for finding a meaningful career, not to mention, you’re giving back!

Read on to discover:

  • Funding opportunities, incubation programs and network opportunities for social entrepreneurs
  • Advice for freelancers
  • The top academic programs surrounding social change, innovation and sustainability
  • How to make an impact in the corporate sector
  • Where to find the best volunteering opportunities