Jump-Start Your Career in Mental Health

The Think Ahead programme is a new route into social work, for remarkable graduates and career-changers.

by Rebecca Scurlock, January 10, 2018
Jumpstart Your Career in Mental Health

Most people know someone who’s had mental health problems, but not everyone knows someone who can make a difference. Could you?

Think Ahead is looking for exceptional individuals who have the potential to become excellent mental health social workers, and go on to become leaders in their fields. Their two-year programme offers extensive training and the opportunity to join a cohort of like-minded peers.

As a mental health social worker, you would have the opportunity to empower individuals with mental illness—and their families, carers, and communities—to lead fulfilling, independent lives. You would support people in managing the social factors in their lives—like relationships, housing, and employment—that allow them to get well and stay well. Building resilience in individuals, their networks, and their communities transforms people’s wellbeing and improves both our society and the economy.

Graduates will receive a master’s degree in social work from the University of York and have the opportunity to become leading frontline practitioners or bring their leadership experience to an alternative career.

Interested? Learn more about the programme and how to apply.


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Originally published November 9, 2017