Everybody Should Fight for the European Union

For the Green politician Özcan Mutlu, the European Union is a successful project.

by TwentyThirty, April 29, 2019
Özcan Mutlu

This article originally appeared on TwentyThirty.

For the Green politician Özcan Mutlu, the European Union is a successful project. It has ensured peace in Europe for decades and it benefits people: the free market, the eurozone, free movement, and the Erasmus exchange program for students are just some positive examples.

As we approach the forthcoming European elections, it is important to defend the EU against anti-European movements. According to Özcan, this awareness should start as early as possible. When he was Spokesperson for Education Policy in the German Bundestag, he called for strengthening political education in schools. Only then would children and youth gain the necessary knowledge and understanding to assert democracy against authoritarian rule and dictatorship.

In October 2018, Özcan participated in the Munich European Forum. He has been a member of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network since 2008.


About: Born in Turkey, Özcan has lived in Berlin since 1973. He has been active in politics and a member of the Green Party since 1990. Besides his focus on educational policy, he was also active in the Sports Committee of the German Bundestag. In 2017, he missed being reelected. He is currently president of the Disability and Rehabilitation Sports Association Berlin.

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