The DIY Toolkit - Development Impact & You - provides social innovators with the tools they need to effectively design and implement their development plans. It offers advice on how to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better results.

The toolkit offers guidance for social innovators at every stage of development, including strategies from early stage planning to launching and scaling.

Case studies provide examples of how the tools have been used, who found them useful and the impact they had. The document is intelligently designed allowing the tools to be easily understood and implemented, with examples and explanations provided throughout. It is also visually striking, the graphic design of the document is reason enough to flip through its pages of flowcharts, maps, and tools.

The DIY toolkit is likely to provide any reader with a new perspective from which to view their development plan. It provides a comprehensive and practical set of tools to be used by social innovators working on projects at every stage of development.

You can view the entire toolkit here.

Originally published November 29, 2017

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