Bags Made from Refugee Boats - ​A Story of Hope

After helping on the ground, these two entrepreneurs felt the urge to continue doing good and founded Mimycri. Not only for the people, but also for the environment.

by Claudi, December 5, 2018

This article is presented by GreenMe Berlin and originally appeared here.

For this kick-off episode of 2018, Claudi sat down with the inspiring Vera Günther, co-founder of mimycri (@mimycri). 

mimycri consists of a bunch of dedicated people, reclaiming leftover rubber boats - which transported hundreds of refugees over to the shores of Europe - and turn them into super beautifully designed bags and backpacks!

Exactly - WOW! That’s what I was thinking too. And my chat to Vera was probably one of the most touching & at the same time most empowering and motivating interviews I had. Getting such a truthful account of what’s happening out there, right now, from someone who’s actually been on the ground… It really really touched me. At the same time it’s SO encouraging to listen to Vera and feel her passion and how they made it work as a team.


  • A truly unique take on how circular economy can look like
  • Why it’s important to look back and celebrate
  • A first-hand report of the situation on a refugee arrival point
  • How a washing machine can create a huge impact
  • A business model that puts people on eye level
  • The hardest moment to explain European politics to people who just survived
  • How to find the battle you’re passionate to fight for <3
  • What makes Vera jump out of bed every morning
  • Why it’s better to do something small than to do nothing
  • The secret meaning behind the name mimycri
  • Why it’s crucial to have products that speak for themselves
  • mimycri’s vision to create a new and open society
  • When is it okay to be an occasional materialist?
  • The power of a community of like-minded people
  • How the newcomers of the mimycri team feel about their work
  • The various stages of the journey of a mimycri bag
  • What happens if there are no more rubber boats
  • Why mimycri had to be launched in Berlin
  • Social entrepreneurship vs. public sector NGO’s
  • The enormous value of criticism & the various types of criticism
  • The importance of not giving up on your dreams
  • Why failure is not an option !

...and heaps more! There’s a lot of value and motivation to be taken from this interview. So without any further pre-talks, here comes Vera of mimycri.


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