The 10 Most Promising Social Businesses in Austria 2017

These social ventures have the potential to make a real impact.

by Anastasia Sauer and Rebecca Scurlock, January 5, 2018
Social Business Austria

The Social Impact Award has recently selected ten of the most promising businesses in Austria. These ventures have the potential to impact a range of important issues, from refugee integration to environmental sustainability.

  • Anspruchpartner
  • Barkinsulation
  • I Am Refugee
  • Ingenieure ohne Grenzen Austria
  • Open Piano for Refugees
  • More Than One Perspective
  • refugees{code}
  • Tetragon
  • ThemenCheck
  • Umblick


Due to a lack of transparency and complicated bureaucracy many Austrians have troubles receiving their social state aid. Therefore we create, where you simply enter your data and we show you exactly which state aid is relevant for you and how to get it.



Innovation drivers for the High-Tech Material “Bark”.


I am Refugee

“I am Refugee” is the digital partner that enables equal possibilities for both newcomers and locals in Austria. Our multilingual platform provides refugees with information on why, where and how to learn German, find Austrian friends, get work experience, find housing and generally prepare for a successful life in Austria.


Ingenieure ohne Grenzen

We are engineers without borders Austria and help people worldwide to implement their own ideas for enhancing their perspectives and living conditions. Specifically, the project EduZapa aims at creating a better learning environment by reconstructing a mexican primary school and implementing a new social concept.



Open Piano for Refugees

“Open Piano for Refugees” aims to include all people from all walks of life through music. Therefore, we place freely accessible grand pianos in public places and establish the music institute “Doremi”.




Unused potential is costly for the society, frustrating for the individual and a loss for the labour market. We want to change that! MORE THAN ONE PERSPECTIVE (MTOP) is an advanced training program that offers various workshops, training and mentoring to prepare highly qualified refugees to enter the labour market. MTOP’s mission is to make refugees´ potential accessible to the labour market and break down negative stereotypes.



Refugees {Code}

Coding school for integration. We support refugees in becoming software developers.




Tetragon is developing a mobile Braille display that enables blind people to read tactile text anywhere. This gives them better access to digital information, education and the job market.




ThemenCheck validates statements of politicians to create more transparency in domestic politics.




We educate young people about environmental projects, impart necessary competences, prepare them for the job market of tomorrow and empower them to find a job, an apprenticeship or an educational establishment.



Vote for your favourites! Choose 3 social businesses here and decide who deserves the Social Impact Award.

Originally published September 15, 2017