„Everything is connected. We are living on the same planet all together - and we need to make it work"
Felix Hallwachs

We’re back with a brand new episode and we're 100% sure that it’s going to switch on your inner light and belief in the good people in this world! Claudi sat down with Felix Hallwachs, Managing Director of a beautiful social startup called Little Sun (@ilovelittlesun).

Just a couple of mindblowing numbers to set the scene: Since Little Sun started in 2012, it has sold 661,578 lamps  worldwide, changed 1,648,386 lives off-grid, built up new opportunities for 600+ African entrepreneurs, saved an insane amount of $35,531,865 on energy expenses in off-grid households and reduced 134,572 tonnes of Co2 emissions!

That was in December 2017, so their impact has been growing even bigger since. 


  • How can something so simple as a tiny sun-shaped solar lamp the impact the lives of millions of people ? 
  • Why can micro-entrepreneurship in sub-Saharan Africa be much more powerful than financial aid?
  • How can anyone of us leverage the connections we have to be part of something that matters?
  • And how can we keep up our flame of motivation when things get tough?
  • That’s just a mini-preview of all the inspiration bombs Felix drops in this episode.


  • How to leverage the contacts you already have to make an impact
  • The major issue that Little Sun is trying to tackle (UN SDG)
  • How the micro-entrepreneurship model of Little Sun works
  • Why access to energy should be a basic human right
  • The power of involving off-grid communities & understanding that we're all the same 
  • What’s really behind the shape of the Little Sun 
  • How to maximize the impact of a small budget
  • The huge opportunities of today’s (social) media landscape
  • The brilliance behind the „Trade not Aid“ model
  • The powerful moment that made Little Sun launch their non-profit entity 
  • Why it’s always worth listening to the full story
  • How to emotionally engage & change consumers mindsets
  • Which companies embrace cradle to cradle & projects fighting for clean oceans
  • Felix’ top tools to stay inspired & motivated each day

...and lots of other inspiring take aways. Now, without any further ado, get ready for lots of shining energy & light bulb moments with Felix Hallwachs from Little Sun. 



Foto: Edwin-Sithole

Foto: Gontse Phatstoki-More

Foto: Little Sun

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Foto: Aminata-Nimaga

Foto: Studio Olafur Eliasson

Foto: Franziska-Russo

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