tbd* Ethical Criteria

The following ethical criteria represent our guideline for internal cooperation at tbd*, in the community, but also with our customers.

tbd* against Discrimination

As a social impact company that seeks to create a more livable world for all and strives to understand and combat discrimination, we take a clear position against discrimination of any kind, including racism, ableism, LGBTQIA hostility and sexism. With this, we take a clear stand regarding our potential cooperation with companies.
We do not support companies and individuals who are negatively noted for any discrimination.

In doing so, we hope to send a clear message to all individuals affected by discrimination and encourage privileged individuals to take a conscious stance against individual, societal and institutional discrimination in the private sphere, as well as in the workplace.

We are constantly learning and making mistakes, which is why we welcome feedback and suggestions from our community regarding our work and the companies that we already cooperate with.

Social Impact - traffic light system

We have created a traffic light system for our general collaboration with companies and organizations and specifically for posting job openings on our website. We specifically exclude the companies on our Red List as part of the tbd* community.
Our Orange List contains companies from which tbd* still requires additional information about their position on social and sustainable agreements before they are allowed to post a job offer with us.

Green List

  • Charitable entities (in each country the respective legal framework is applied).
  • Public educational institutions
  • Companies providing renewable energy (no use of fossil fuels)
  • Companies certified by Bcorp
  • Companies certified by Gemeinwohl Akademie
  • Agencies and other service-providers who exclusively serve the charitable sector
  • Cooperatives
  • Sustainable and social impact mission-driven businesses incl. organics, fair-trade clothing and food, social banking, car sharing, where social impact mission is clear from company description and clearly documented in the job description.

Orange List

  • For-profit welfare and healthcare organizations
  • Private educational institutions
  • Non-charitable social and political research institutions and think tanks
  • Agencies and other service-providers who serve the charitable sector amongst others
  • Social impact jobs at companies not on the red list including but not limited to¬†CSR departments and¬†Sustainability departments
  • Government agencies (except military)

Red List

  • Arms companies and military
  • Tobacco industry
  • Fossil fuel companies
  • Organizations or companies that promote hate or violence

To enable us to quickly and easily identify "red list" companies we are using the criteria and list of excluded companies defined by the Norwegian Government State Pension Fund on the basis of non-ethical behaviour.

These criteria are not exhaustive. We reserve the right to refuse to work or partner with any company on the basis of our company's ethical standards. The decision of the tbd* team is final.