Our Vision

We believe in a world in which everybody has the opportunity to work in a job that creates a positive social impact. These are not careers reserved for the few, but for the many. Because this is a world in which all companies strive to achieve their company goal and sustain themselves, whilst not only avoiding negative social and environmental consequences but aiming for positive social change wherever possible. It is a world where the brightest minds work on solutions to the world’s most challenging problems.

It is, however, not a world without profit, energy, illness or consumption. We are pragmatic idealists. We believe however, that the concept of profit needs to be enlarged to include social and environmental factors. Fossil fuelled energy has no place in our vision. Pharmaceutical companies, on the other hand, are necessary but ethical standards and equity should be at their core. For consumer-based companies, sharing of our valuable resources should be the dominant trend over ownership.

We believe that tbd* can play an important role in achieving this vision. This means that whilst we will always support non-profits to attract top talent, we will also help those for-profit companies that already embody this vision themselves, or who are in the transition phase to becoming more socially responsible. Because we believe that sustainable positive social change will not arise from the charity sector alone.

This clear vision for the future of the world as we would like to see it is used to decide on which companies we help to find great employees and which we do not. Those companies on our red list are companies that we do not see as having a place in our “tbd* utopia”. These include arms and munitions producers, companies whose turnover is mostly derived from the supply of fossil fuels, and tobacco companies.

On our orange list you will find sectors and organization-types that are required to provide additional information surrounding their social and sustainable commitments before being able to post their job on tbd*. In the case of the orange list it is necessary to specifically look at the job description and its potential impact rather than just the company or organisation. The clients from the orange list will be expected to provide a description (and evidence where possible) of the social impact/sustainable practices of the job and a special template for them to create job listings for tbd* will be provided by us to ensure that this is transparently communicated.

Green List

  • Charitable entities (in each country the respective legal framework is applied).
  • Public educational institutions
  • Companies providing renewable energy (no use of fossil fuels)
  • Companies certified by Bcorp
  • Companies certified by Gemeinwohl Akademie
  • Agencies and other service-providers who exclusively serve the charitable sector
  • Cooperatives
  • Sustainable and social impact mission-driven businesses incl. organics, fair-trade clothing and food, social banking, car sharing, where social impact mission is clear from company description and clearly documented in the job description.

Orange List

  • For-profit welfare and healthcare organizations
  • Private educational institutions
  • Non-charitable social and political research institutions and think tanks
  • Agencies and other service-providers who serve the charitable sector amongst others
  • Social impact jobs at companies not on the red list including but not limited to CSR departments and Sustainability departments
  • Government agencies (except military)

Red List

  • Arms companies and military
  • Tobacco industry
  • Fossil fuel companies
  • Organizations or companies that promote hate or violence

To enable us to quickly and easily identify "red list" companies we are using the criteria and list of excluded companies defined by the Norwegian Government State Pension Fund on the basis of non-ethical behaviour.

These criteria are not exhaustive. We reserve the right to refuse to work or partner with any company on the basis of our company's ethical standards. The decision of the tbd* team is final.