Social Media Tips for Social Businesses

Build a community that stands behind you and your cause.

by Ivi Whitehead, January 12, 2018
Social Media Tips for Social Startups


Social Media for Social Businesses
In this day and age, social media can play a significant role in drawing attention to any social startup. Establishing a presence and nurturing connections with supporters are key components to getting the word out about your cause; ultimately boosting funding and support for your social business. 

​​​​​​​How to use social media for social businesses:

  • Tell Your Story

Every great organization has a story to tell. Stories attract onlookers to your cause in ways that facts and stats do not. It is important to connect with your company cause. Tell why it is important. Share the impacts you have made and the ones you look forward to making. The better you are at telling your story, the better your audience will be at sharing it.

  • More Conversation, Less Broadcast

Many social startups make the mistake of using social media as a tool only to broadcast campaigns. Campaigns can come few and far between. While it is important to let your following know about your next big hash tag, keep in mind that you will go further in the long run by publishing content daily. Give them a reason to follow what you are up to on a regular basis. If they learn to love your mission and online personality, they are more likely to get involved in future campaigns.

Build a trustworthy and genuine identity by posting on an ongoing basis. Not only does this approach boost your engagement long term, but it also builds strong relationships between you and your supporters.

  • Show Appreciation

Approach social media as a two-way conversation. Actively engaging with your followers on a consistent basis is key to building trust. Social media is a place for mutual appreciation. If someone leaves a comment on your photo, comment back in a timely manner (within 24hours). If someone tags your company in a photo or uses your hash tag, be sure to like and/or comment to let them know you appreciate the gesture.

Even a simple “thank you” from their favorite social startup can leave a lasting impression and build trust. The more you give props the more you will receive in return.

  • Understand Your Supporters

These are the people investing in you. They understand your impact and want to be a part of your growth. Pay close attention to the posts that your supporters favor from you and the ones they do not. Leverage this information so that you can better appeal to them, and craft campaigns based on what you know they already love about you.

  • Collaborate

Collaboration is key to growing your supporter base and gaining visibility. Look at some of your long-time supporters, who are they following? Is there a trend among other favorable social enterprises? If so, reach out to these organizations and collaborate! Whether through events, awareness projects, or interviews; cross promotion can go a long way. Not only does this create a greater collective impact, it gives your supporters the best of both worlds. It then becomes easier for them to remain loyal to your efforts and share the collaboration with friends.

With the help of social media, connecting directly with the people who support your social startup has become more accessible than ever. Use these tips to help nourish those relationships and get the most out of your broadcasting efforts.

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Originally published June 22, 2015