Gifts That Give Back: 2022 Gift Guide

This holiday season, opting to buy from ethical, diverse, sustainable and small brands that are working to make a change is a great way to shop with intention.

by tbd*, November 30, 2022
gift guide 2022

For many of us, gift giving is a love language and the ritual of exchanging thoughtful gifts with loved ones is a beloved part of the holiday season. What can be better than finding the perfect gift for someone special in your life? Finding the perfect gift that will also make a lasting impact by giving back to a greater cause or supporting your community!

This holiday season, opting to buy from ethical, diverse, sustainable and small brands that are working to make a change is a great way to shop with intention and impact in mind. And we’ve made it even easier for you! Here are our favorite gifts that do good.

For the Foodie / Conflict Food

conflict food Ivan chai

Fair and directly traded tea from Ukraine and Myanmar, saffron from Afghanistan or Kampot Pepper from Cambodia - with Conflictfood's specialties, you will make every foodie happy. And that's not all: every gift supports the producers in the conflict-stricken regions and proves that enjoyment and responsibility are compatible with each other. 

Ukrainian herbal tea is our favorite this Christmas! "Ivan Chai" is reminiscent of black tea, with the fragrance of warm honey.  It has a calming effect and provides balance and well-being. 

Direct and fair trade not only secures livelihoods and strengthens the Ukrainian economy, but also creates identity. This is an invaluable asset for the civilian population, especially in times of crisis. Merry Consciousness!

Get the tea here.

For the Reader / Unlearn Patriarchy (German Edition)

Unlearn Patriarchy

Although we now live in the 21st century, patriarchy still rules. Why the hell is that? And what can everyone personally do to recognize and dissolve the often unconscious toxic structures? This anthology with well-known authors offers assistance.

Defending oneself against patriarchy is especially difficult in everyday life. Many things are so familiar to us that we don't even question them. Even self-confessed feminists fall into the same traps again and again. We exclude women through language, follow outdated ideas of a happy nuclear family including traditional role models. Or we adapt to male-dominated and capitalist structures if we want to be successful in our careers. The contributors to the anthology UNLEARN PATRIARCHY report on their experiences and trace their own fatal thought patterns. They show how patriarchal patterns of action can be broken across all areas of society, from language and love to work, politics, education, or identity, and how a better life becomes possible for all.

Buy the book here and be sure to browse the rest of the Folkdays site while you're there!

For the Dreamer / Olie

olie jewelry

Olie is a fair and sustainable jewelry label based in Berlin. Vivianne Ballmann, the goldsmith behind the label, uses recycled metals and semi-precious stones to create deeply personal pieces that are sustainable and ethically sourced.

As a trained goldsmith, designer and artist, Vivianne founded the label in 2022 with the intention of creating a brand that not only stands for perpetual development, versatility and passion but also for a way to create jewelry that is affordable, of high quality and produced under responsible, sustainable conditions.  Olie is the interface between free art, traditional goldsmith craft and the love of nature. Each collection stands for a world of its own, with its own history, a certain inspiration and reflects this. Let yourself be accompanied by the different creations, moods and slip into a different exciting role every day.

Let yourself be taken away here.

For the Sweet Tooth / Amanase


Chocolate as it should be. As the fairest chocolate start-up in the world, Amanese wants to change the cocoa industry for the better. Driven by their vision to bring value to Africa, they consistently rethink chocolate: sustainable, organic, vegan, CO2 neutral, without refined sugar and incredibly delicious.

70% of the world's cocoa comes from West Africa, but less than 3% of the world's chocolate is made there. To change this, Amanese is training young Ghanaians to become chocolatiers - to learn the craft, they are taught by experienced chocolatiers from around the world. With every chocolate you purchase, you’re helping them create new jobs in rural Ghana and train chocolatiers. The perfect reason to indulge!

Satisfy your sweet tooth here.

For the Design Lover / Gunia Project

Gunia Project

Gunia Project is a fashion and design brand of exceptional things produced on the basis of traditional Ukrainian culture. Each collection features a unique combination of design thinking and deep ethnographic research. The result is the fusion of beautiful folk crafts that heed the details of traditional culture and designer artisanal pieces perfectly fit for everyday life. You can find clothes and interior items, including glassware, ceramics, candles and elegant silk headscarves.

Explore the collection here.

For the Best Hair / ŌMAKA


ŌMAKA Naturkosmetik creates vegan and dermatologically tested hair care products for all types of curls and wavy hair. Founded by Jen Martens, ŌMAKA offers curl care and afro hair care through valuable ingredients. She developed the first solid shampoo bar in Germany. Her wish is that people with afro hair value their identity and are filled with self-love. In addition to being entirely sustainable, ŌMAKA's aim is to create jobs for women in Ghana so they can build their own businesses with their unique talents.

Explore hair care products and start your hair journey here.

For the Caffeine Addict / Urwaldkaffee


Urwaldkaffee imports and roasts outstanding coffee from indigenous peoples. They develop long-term partnerships with coffee farmers to deliver the best quality under fair conditions. Through a profit sharing program, indigenous people are able to buy back sacred sites with their profits. 

Discover their Christmas edition coffee here

For the Fashion Fanatic / My Little Bukhara

my little Bukhara

My Little Bukhara is a fashion label that connects women from the Orient and women from the West through Ikat Adra's fabric. Through their designs, they want to give a face and a voice to Uzbek women so that they can live a free and independent life.

Each piece is hand woven with love and dedication. In their supply chain, they only involve women to empower them with the work. They work with women artisans from Uzbekistan and create limited garments each year, ensuring that each pieces is unique and not mass produced.   The result is beautiful, tailor made clothes that will last for generations to come and lift up future generates in Uzbekistan.

Find a treasure here.

A different way to give back... Give the gift of time! / Der Bildungsakademie der Tafel Deutschland e.V.

Tafel Deutschland

Food banks run on voluntary commitment; without voluntary work, there are no food banks. Of the 60,000 people belonging to the circle of Tafel-actives, around 90% of them are volunteers. Volunteers need support, especially in times of crisis, when they have to react quickly to current social and political changes. The pandemic showed this very clearly - hundreds of food banks had to temporarily close because a large proportion of the volunteers belonged to the at-risk group. At the same time, thousands of young people came forward to offer their help. But who is left to contact these people, train them, assign them and at the same time keep the food bank running? 

The project "Engagement - Rethinking!" was developed to support food banks in their daily work and the major challenges they face. Tailored to the needs of the food banks, the project aims to recruit more volunteers nationwide and to connect them to the food bank voluntary work in the long term. 

If you would like to get involved and donate your time or otherwise support the Tafel work on site, please contact us and let us know where you would like to do something at these locations:

  • Alsfelder Tafel e.V.
  • Frankfurter Tafel e.V.
  • Wuppertaler Tafel e.V.
  • Dortmunder Tafel e.V.
  • Walldorfer Tafel e.V.


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