Become a Chief Tomorrow Officer and Shape the Future!

This is a fully remote, fixed term position (3-6 months) ideally suited for recent graduates and young professionals who are interested in shaping the future of business. 

by Jennifer Arnolds, July 29, 2021
Chief Tomorrow Officer

Do you find yourself asking questions about the future of the planet, wondering how we can engage more people to create a more inclusive future or pondering the future the education? Do you want to play an active role in shaping that future?  

Then Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems want you to join their team as a Chief Tomorrow Officer (CTO), so that together we can ask - and answer - the important questions of the future.

Read on to find out what a CTO does, what requirements they should bring and how you can become one.

What does a Chief Tomorrow Officer do?

"Chief Tomorrow Officer" is not a job in the traditional sense - we use it to describe a new generation of leaders who are positive and forward-thinking, and who exert influence across divisions in the company. A Chief Tomorrow Officer encourages employees to find new solutions by asking pressing and challenging questions. These questions have short-term relevance, but also lead to long-term change.

We believe in big questions that have the power to unlock the potential of the future.

The position can be offered fully remote or in our office in Bonn with the prospect to be employed for 3-6 months. Based on the individual candidate we can offer this either as a full-time or part-time position, hence this would be ideally suited for recent graduates and young professionals who are interested in looking behind the scenes of a global player with the unique opportunity of shaping its future! 

What skills does a Chief Tomorrow Officer need to have?

You are the game changer! Chief Tomorrow Officers change the game through their power of persuasion and leadership. They know their stuff and stay humble, they are constantly learning and helping to make connections within and between organizations - for a better, more livable future. They are pragmatic dreamers who ceaselessly see possibilities.

Curious to learn more? Then find out more about what a Chief Tomorrow Officer is and how YOU can become one, HERE.