Berlin's Freshest Solution Against Food Waste

Not only does this restaurant have a creative, delicious and constantly changing menu, they also fight against a serious issue of our time.

by Claudi Sult, November 29, 2018

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„We have to make it mainstream.

Like there is no other way."

Anna Wohlrab

The topic of food waste - or better anti food waste - has popped up a lot around us lately - and I’m so grateful that (apart from all the daunting numbers of how much food is being wasted) it mainly came up with a positive solution in tow.

Usually in the form of a dedicated group of people, who tackles this issue, without waiting until governments or the big players out there do something. They have an epiphany that there’s just too much food waste and we gotta do something about it!

That’s exactly what happened to today’s interview guest & her co-founders. And I’m so excited that we finally make this interview happen with Anna from DingsDums Dumplings (@dingsdumsdumplings)!

Saving food alone is great, but then there’s the question what to do with all these 5 million tons of edible food that us Germans throw away each year? How to turn them into something that’s tasty and extends its shelf life even further?

Together the three young founders, Jillian, Mauritz and Anna found a way to make it happen: As DingsDums Dumplings, they are creating super delicious dumplings from surplus food.


  • The entire thought process & trial and error sessions that happened before the actual launch of DingsDums Dumplings
  • The moment that triggered the three to quit their jobs & to do something about food waste
  • How important it is to focus on the core thing: a strong product (that looks great, tastes delicious)
  • How to deal with non-believers in your environment - and proving them all wrong
  • One thing Anna is most proud of at the moment
  • Who or what inspired her most on her way
  • Her secrets to overcome challenges and always stay motivated
  • How Jilliane creates new recipes on the spot over and over again
  • How to be in for the long game
  • Why it’s important to surround yourself with the right people
  • The power of starting small & convincing the big players
  • The meaning of being awarded by the Federal Government
  • Some big future plans of DingsDums Dumplings, e.g. to conquer supermarkets
  • And of course heaps of more personal anecdotes & insights

Hope you’re ready for an episode that leaves you inspired & hungry for more! Now, without any further ado, get ready for Anna from DingsDums Dumplings 


"For us, it [making dumplings] was not following a trend, it was just our solution“

"I think the biggest issue is that being sustainable is not cool yet"

"This year and the next years, I have the feeling there is really something changing"

"Berlin is a city where you can start your dream"

"We don’t want to be the anti-food waste restaurant, we want to be Dingsdums Dumplings“




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