Apply for the Entrepreneurial Spark Programmes

Four programs will support emerging UK innovators working to enable positive social change.

by Rebecca Scurlock, January 5, 2018
Entrepreneurial Spark

Whether you’re running a growing business and hungry for that next step, or building on an idea, Entrepreneurial Spark wants to support your work.

Their four fully-funded programmes – Sprint, Enable, Grow, and Scale – provide resources at each stage of business development to help you grow a credible, backable, and scalable venture. Each programme takes place for three to six months and is offered at thirteen hubs across the United Kingdom.

Entrepreneurs who want to become more resilient, action-led, and focused in their work to create positive social change are invited to apply for the programme that best matches their venture. Applications are processed and reviewed on an ongoing basis, and more information about the programmes is available here.

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Originally published September 8, 2017