Apply for a 7-Day Social Impact Journey in India

When you become more, you have more to give. When you change your life, you change the world.

by Roxana Baur, March 21, 2018
India Journeys

Social Impact Journeys are week-long curated expeditions of discovery, insights and reciprocation in India. The journeys aim to give participants a deeper understanding of how to use their own talent and energy to better the local community, country and the world!

TribesforGOOD offers an alternative experiential learning to a group of 20 individuals in Mumbai, India. The journeys are based on three cornerstones of discovery, understanding and engaging. We as a society count on leaders and high achievers to perform at their highest. According to Gallup, only 31.5% (USA) or 13% (Worldwide) of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. This means that the overwhelming majority of people are not even close to working at their true potential. Hence its imperative to discover one’s role as a change maker.

Who is this journey ideally for?

On A Career Break/Looking For An Alternative Career

Feeling stuck in your current job but lack the motivation to look for a new one? You will come out of this journey with greater clarity and sense of purpose.

Interested In International Development

You will be trained by experts and be able to work with local communities and see your personal inputs be put into action.

Kickstart your career in Social Impact

You will receive thorough training in the social innovation space, and be equipped with resources and opportunities to embark on a new path for yourself in your home country.

The participants see numerous benefits from the journey.

Sara, one of the past participants says “The experience was useful as it was intensive. What sometimes gets missed in programs is practical application, however the entire focus of TribesforGOOD was towards application, how we can build a career in social innovation. The 7 days were a combination of workshops, field immersions, meeting social enterprise leaders and career coaching to lay down my career path. I am extremely grateful for this experience and I would encourage more people to go for it.”

The participants are able to discover their role as a changemaker, learn best practices in the sector, high touch field immersions where they meet, interact with the beneficiaries and network with other changemakers.

1. Learn by doing

Since information is reinforced when it can be contextualized, immersion in a practical learning environment supplements the tacit knowledge acquired from the classroom. Evidence has established that travel and out-of-classroom participation not only creates a more holistic learning experience, they are also significantly more effective than traditional forms of education.

2. Grow the skills that matter the most to you

We will focus your training on areas that most interest you in context with the needs of local communities.

3. Cultivate adaptability and spark creativity

You will learn how to adapt quickly while using your own skills to improve the lives of many! Working from your own experience and learning from experts in the field; this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will see you coming out with greater sense of management.

4. Gain a sense of fulfilment

By engaging directly with local communities, your work will have lasting impact on real lives. This is a rare chance to use your knowledge, empathy and problem solving skills to affect positive change.

Topics covered:

The journeys cover sustainable development goals and have specific focus on women empowerment, sustainable livelihood, education, and sustainable farming.


The journeys last for 7 days.

You can apply here. The programs are conducted thrice in a year.