Commits Grand Support to Education Nonprofits has committed $50 million to using technology as part of the solution education inequality.

von Emma Howard, January 8, 2018 announced its commitment to education nonprofits over the next two years. It plans to allocate $50 million in funds to these organizations focusing on the role technology plays in enhancing and advancing the learning environment.

As technology in the classroom expands opportunities for some students, disconnected students are falling further and further behind. In a global world connected by technology, access to the Internet means having the most up-to-date information. Without it, some students are falling further behind their peers everyday. While technology yields equality in a lot of ways, it is also increasing the gap between those who have access to it and those who do not. recognized the gap that access to the Internet and technology has created. Therefore, it chose to contribute its efforts to generate more equality in this realm of education. Throughout the year, will fund twenty different international organizations. Not only will these organizations gain monetary resources, but they will also receive technology training and the expertise of Google employees.

The efforts of will be concentrated in three areas: providing access to quality learning materials; training and engaging teachers; and helping students in crisis and conflict zones. The first focus was selected with the knowledge that many students are in school but do not have access to updated learning materials and information. In order for the implementation of technology in the classroom to be successful, teachers must understand how to use them as an effective teaching tool. Finally, also wished to contribute to the refugee crisis in the education field by providing WiFi in refugee camps.

Though an important step, acknowledges that providing technology to classrooms in need is not a solution. It wishes to translate the benefits of technology to the needs of the education sector by providing teacher support and tools, specialized instruction, and enabling access to content.  

Originally published March 21, 2017