Venture Philanthropy Explained

These two newly-released editions of their VP publications are great introductory tools as well as useful resources for those already familiar.

by Isabelle Daellenbach, March 28, 2018
Venture Philanthropy Explained

Last week, the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) launched two new editions of their publications that delve into the concept of Venture Philanthropy (VP). The Guides are a great practical tool for new practitioners interested in the venture philanthropy and social investment method, and a useful reference for those already familiar with the practices.

VP in a Nutshell

This guide is a must read for anyone keen to understand the key practices of venture philanthropy. It is a series of Short Guides on impact management & measurement, tailored financing, non-financial support and exit, outlining the key elements, theory and implementation of these practices. They also provide case studies and examples to illustrate the theory. All of this in only four pages.

Venture philanthropy (VP):
VP is a high-engagement and long-term approach to generating social impact through three practices: Tailored Financing, Organisational support, and Impact Measurement & Management.

The new edition presents a visual overview of the VP approach with short leaflets, while still giving concrete examples of best practices. The new edition includes a leaflet on Tailored Financing with short case studies to illustrate various scenarios and financial instruments used.

A Practical Guide to Venture Philanthropy and Social Impact Investment 

This is a critical companion for anyone who wants to understand the venture philanthropy approach, and/or start their own venture philanthropy or social impact investment fund. The fourth edition walks you through the different steps to set up a VP/SI organisation, giving you tips along the way with case studies and best practices.

"The goal of this practical guide is to assist start-up or early-stage VPO/SIs in Europe by providing an insight into ‘what works’ in a European context, keeping in mind the diversity existing at individual country level." 

This publication combines the insights and experiences of practitioners across Europe and the results of several years of EVPA research. It gives you access to everything you need to know about setting up and running a venture philanthropy organisation or social impact investment fund.

Get the Guides

Both of these guides are available to download for free through the EVPA Knowledge Center.