Social Business Jobs in Berlin

Berlin's social businesses are calling, and they want you!

by William Gallagher, August 20, 2018
social business berlin

Jobs with a positive impact aren’t exclusive to NGOs or charities. In reality, there are many opportunities in mission-driven for-profit companies which can be equally rewarding and impactful. Good news for you, Berlin has become quite the hub for intriguing social enterprises that are making an impact locally and abroad. Whether your passion is for food waste reduction, sustainable energy, or policy consulting, you can find it all right here.

At tbd* we believe in solving the world’s problems through positive impact careers and would like to pass on some inspiration to aid in your job search. That is why we have compiled a short list of social & environmental impact companies based in Berlin for your browsing pleasure. 

For an overview of all the current social business jobs in Berlin, visit our jobs board. 

Coffee Circle 

Coffee Circle is a rapidly growing, Berlin-based, coffee roaster and distributor which sources all of its products from the most sustainable and ethical farmers around the world and pay them a fair wage. They select only beans which reach a cupping score above 80 (out of 100), meaning every cup tastes incredible.  Through working at Coffee Circle you will quickly gain insight into the coffee production process and the status of the industry as a whole. Additionally, you will feel rewarded for helping farmers across the globe grow great coffee and live good lives.


This is a CO2-neutral search engine that donates 80% of its income to a tree planting program in Brazil. Tech startup with a heart. What could be more Berlin than that!


EcoToiletten is a company which makes sanitary, eco-friendly outhouses for both temporary and permanent installation. Their outhouses use renewable natural tree shavings instead of the harsh chemicals which are usually found in outhouse toilets. The shavings keep unwanted smells to a minimum and allow for sustainable disposal, unlike other company's chemical-soaked sh**. Working at EcoToiletten would boost your knowledge and experience of the waste removal industry and grant you the opportunity to promote a fantastic green alternative to chemical waste.

Little Sun

Little Sun is a company which puts solar power in your pocket. They offer high-quality solar lamps suitable for reading or lighting your way at night, as well as a portable phone charger. Their products are used in several educational settings, teaching youth about the power of the sun and solar energy. Little Sun products have also been used in several humanitarian aid projects, often in regions where power isn’t easily accessible.


CRCLR is a coworking and events space in Berlin’s neighborhood of Neukölln. Perched in a repurposed building next to the old Berliner Kindl production facility, this cool space gives startups a great microclimate in which to test their circular economic mission. If the circular economy had a testing lab, this would be it. The CRCLR house hosts several events surrounding sustainability and the circular economic model, and their building even comes complete with a community garden. CRCLR is focused on redesigning the economy and the way we all live our lives, bettering society and the global environment.


Mobisol is a solar company focused on alleviating poverty by bringing sustainable and affordable energy to 20 million people by 2023. Since 2010, they have grown from a small startup to a global company of over 750 employees! If you are passionate about renewable energy and want to be part of a global team committed to cleaning the world’s energy supply, Mobisol could be a great place to find a job in Berlin.

Original Unverpackt

Original Unverpackt is a store in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district which sells package free, zero-waste and environmentally friendly products: everything from food to home goods. The Original Unverpackt team is constantly looking for new waste free solutions to the daily needs of humans in our modern world and are showing us how a waste-free future could look on planet earth.


Soulbottles, the beautiful reusable glass bottle company based right here in Berlin, creates wonderfully designed and durable products to use in your daily life. Equal parts form and function seem to be the great recipe spreading these bottles around Berlin, and beyond, like wildfire. Every bottle is pollutant free and processed in a carbon neutral way.


CleverShuttle is a carpooling app currently available in 7 German cities. Their primary mission is to improve the sustainability of heavy traffic in cities, thus reducing wasted carbon fuels and clearing congested roadways. Their motorists drive only eco-friendly, electric or hydrogen vehicles. Forget about the Uber or the Taxi and join a team of individuals dedicated to greening our cities' roadways.


SirPlus is a food outlet shop in Berlin dedicated to reducing food waste by selling good quality food that would otherwise be disposed of at a reduced cost. Additionally, they offer a delivery service for rescued foods to startups, small shops, producers, and restaurants. Food waste is one of the biggest problems in an economy which sadly still has people going hungry, and the SurPlus team is fighting to reduce this issue in Berlin.

Seek Development

Seek Development is a strategic and organizational consulting group focused on global human development and social impact. Their services include strategy and policy development, organizational effectiveness and change management, leadership and governance, programmatic evaluations, and strategic advocacy. Their Berlin-based team looks to educate and enhance the world through organizational development.


streetfootballworld is the leading global expert in using football for development. You don't have to play or even love football to get on well here, although it helps. They have a network of almost 100 organizations worldwide and so other languages such as Spanish or Portuguese are also a plus.

This list is a work in progress. Know of a social business in Berlin that should be featured? Get in touch