OSCE Days 2017 at CRCLR House

Read about what happened at the 4-day festival on circular economies.

by Lydia Massey, January 15, 2018

OSCE Days  took place in July this year at the CRCLR House in Berlin. OSCE Days is a unique 4-day festival where open source and circular economy activists gather to share ideas and develop solutions toward a sustainable future. There were over 750 people that attended the inspirational event, ranging from politicians to local residents. 

Attendees had the opportunity to get inspired and energized by likeminded change makers around them through various hands-on workshops, educational panels and creative challenges. Some participants worked together to create a pedal-powered shredder and others attended a guerrilla composting workshop, learning how to effectively compost. Particpants left each workshop feeling empowered by their newfound knowledge, with a strengthened desire to produce even more positive social impact.

If you missed the festival and or would like to have a look at what happened during the OSCE Days 2017, the CRCLR House created an in-depth review of the festival, as well as a documentation of the various workshops, which took place this year.

All in all, OSCE Days 2017 was definitely a success and individuals interested in the festival are encouraged to attend again next year!

Originally published September 14, 2017