The New Ism Podcast Series: Innovations for an Inclusive Economy

Hosts Mel and Alex conduct weekly interviews with some of the world’s most exciting social innovators and big thinkers, discussing their plans, hopes and ambitions.

by William Gallagher, July 19, 2018

The New Ism  is a fresh podcast, which kicked off July 4th, that hosts people seeking to fix some of the world’s most problematic sustainable and ethical problems, empowering a new inclusive economic system. Founders Mel Young, a social entrepreneur himself, and Alex Matthews will be taking their conversations live to Glasgow and London coming in Autumn 2018 as they debate and uncover how to create a better society and fairer economy with the help of their guest interviewees.

So far the duo has interviewed Katherine Trebeck of The Wellbeing Economy Alliance about shared wellbeing on a healthy planet though a transformed economy,  Michael Sani from Bite The Ballot about a new generation of activists, and corporate responsibility and sustainability expert, John Elkington of Volans about his concept the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

The New ISM podcast will feature interviews of social innovators on their show weekly. Whether you decide to listen in the office, on your morning commute, or at the gym, don’t miss out on their excellent content and insight, start listening today!