Creative solutions for changing times. The approaches of social entrepreneurs to Europe's most pressing challenges.

Europe faces increasingly complex social challenges that require a continuous reassessment of underlying causes, potential approaches and emerging stakeholders. For the past 38 years, Ashoka has identified the most innovative ideas and dedicated social entrepreneurs. Ashoka Fellows go beyond tackling symptoms: they address systemic causes of social problems.

This study features Europe’s most crucial challenges and reflects the ways in which Ashoka social entrepreneurs approach them. By correlating the work of 194 Fellows elected in the last five years in 22 European countries, it details the patterns of innovation of different approaches and their relevance for the broader European public agenda.

The study will help you to:

  • Have an overview of 194 Ashoka Fellows from 22 European countries elected between 2013-2018 and their complementary approaches to social issues in Europe;
  • Find alignment between the contributions of Ashoka Fellows to the wider European public agenda and the most pressing social issues facing Europe today;
  • Think about potential coordinated action in addressing these challenges at a European level.

 Creative Solutions for Changing Times.pdf

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