7 Tips for Finding the Right Employees

You’ll find the right employees with these seven tips.

by Maggie Koontz, January 2, 2018

Many positions are not easy to fill or so it seems. However, whoever acts on these few tips, makes less mistakes and will find the right employees. Take some tips from us and learn how to attract the right candidates.

  1. Stand out from others
  2. Really know your target group
  3. Always be authentic
  4. Show them respect
  5. Recruit consciously
  6. Be present
  7. Write a good job description

Stand out from others

There are several million job advertisements each year so you are not alone in your search for the right employees. Let something new come to mind and be creative. Separate yourself, your company and your search from all the rest. This would be a good time to talk to coworkers and find out what initially attracted them to the job. You could even make a video of it. Innovate!

Know your target group

Everyone wants employees and colleagues that fit in perfectly with the company, the team and the vision. But do you know what this person should bring to the table? Which ideas, values and attitude should they represent? Do you know the wishes of your group? Your communication and approach should be adapted depending on the person that you are looking for and the place that you want to fill. It is important to know your target group so that you can predict the questions that they will have and then answer them either in the description or application phase.

Show authenticity

Give your potential employees what you want from them. Honesty! There is nothing worse, for both you and your applicant, than being disappointed. Do not make any promises that you cannot keep. Stay honest by sticking to the facts instead of giving false claims and empty promises. Show your applicant what their work is going to be like so they know what to expect. Be accurate. Potential employees place a lot of value in their office, team, vision and activities outside of the workplace. Let them get a good look at the company.

Expect respect. Show respect

You definitely expect for your candidates to get information about the company and prepare themselves for the interview, right? Then you should do the same. Sit down with the applicant and read their documents carefully. Don't ask the usual questions. They are just a waste of time because most of the time the answer is right there. Show your interest in them. Be punctual to the interview and keep your cell phone off. Try not to hesitate for a long time with your answers. Give honest feedback even if it is negative. If they aren't a good fit, let them know why.

Conscious recruitment

Be aware of future tasks and their actual start date. Has the salary been clarified internally? Is part time or remote work possible? What kind of contract should it be? How many vacation days? Is there a bonus? It looks very unprofessional if you can't answer these questions during the interview.

Presentation is everything

With all the job advertisements that clutter the internet every year, you should hope that yours isn't discovered by chance. You should make sure that you are as visible as possible. Go to career fairs, optimize your own website, be active on social media and be prepared to spend a little money to find the right candidates.

Invest in the job description

Most of the work should be done by the job description in order to address the right applicants. Many job descriptions are boring and say nothing about the culture of the company, the vision and the job. In the job description, show what your company is doing, who the employees are, what the position requires and who you are really looking for. Make sure that it stands out from other job listings and is different. Yes, it will take more effort, but it will be worth it in the end. It will cost you a lot of time and effort if you have to repost the application because no one responded to the last one.

Originally published June 20, 2017