tbd* was founded in 2014 (then known as The Changer) by Nadia Boegli, Nicole Winchell and Naomi Ryland. They now have a small, fierce team of mostly female and mostly under 30 employees, who are driving the company forward with commitment and a lot of hard work.

Just like many startups, budget is limited (they are not at break-even yet but have a four impact investors on board including one of Germany’s largest foundations) so there is a need for a lot of creative, hands-on action from everybody in the team. Although budget is restricted, they value their team more than anything and provide them with a beautiful office, generous salaries (for the social sector) including 30 days holiday and the possibility to work remotely.

Open and warm communication is fundamental to the team spirit - as is the occasional team drinks session - which the founders take particularly seriously. They try to avoid traditional hierarchy where possible, so if you like being the boss, or need to be told what to do, it’s probably not the right place for you. Everybody is responsible for creating and developing structures and processes, and whilst they are driven by KPIs, they value a happy team above all.