tbd* is a digital hub where social impact professionals can find a job, discover workshops and courses, locate funding, hire the right team, connect with mission-driven companies, share best practices, or learn from others who are using their careers to make an impact. tbd* stands for “to be determined” - in this case, determined to change the world for the better. tbd* reaches over 50,000 people per month through their online platform and the team runs regular offline events in 5 countries, including workshops, networking events and a social impact career fair.

About us

tbd* was founded in 2014 (then known as The Changer) by Nadia Boegli, Nicole Winchell and Naomi Ryland. They now have a small, fierce team of mostly female and mostly under 30 employees, who are driving the company forward with commitment and a lot of hard work.

Just like many startups, budget is limited (they are not at break-even yet but have a four impact investors on board including one of Germany’s largest foundations) so there is a need for a lot of creative, hands-on action from everybody in the team. Although budget is restricted, they value their team more than anything and provide them with a beautiful office, generous salaries (for the social sector) including 30 days holiday and the possibility to work remotely.

Open and warm communication is fundamental to the team spirit - as is the occasional team drinks session - which the founders take particularly seriously. They try to avoid traditional hierarchy where possible, so if you like being the boss, or need to be told what to do, it’s probably not the right place for you. Everybody is responsible for creating and developing structures and processes, and whilst they are driven by KPIs, they value a happy team above all. 

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100.000 > 500.000 EUR
Our Values
We are a small team. In order for things to run smoothly, all team members have to take responsibility from the get-go. This is only possible because we trust each other fully. We try to give each other quick and direct feedback and ensure that we express appreciation for a job well done. We are united by a healthy sense of optimism that a better world is possible and that it can be achieved through the principles of social business.
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Personal Development
Personal Development
At tbd* you can grow both personally and professionally. Everybody has a good deal of space for developing their ideas and projects and taking full responsibility for them. We try to strengthen everybody’s competencies and encourage each other to grow beyond our own boundaries as individuals and a company.
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We are all working towards one common goal: that the smartest people in the world are working to solve the world’s biggest challenges. We want to help the social sector to professionalise in a sustainable way and are constantly working towards that goal. We scrutinise our own assumptions and activities constantly and challenge ourselves to do better. We don’t have a master plan but we do understand target-oriented and agile work.
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What We Are Working On
Right now we are almost exclusively a female team but we would love to have some more men on the team. We are also specifically looking for new colleagues who have substantial experience in a business context and are happy to take on management responsibility. We could definitely do with some more extroverted personalities to help us push our agenda into the mainstream and help us to build a future-oriented and sustainable business.
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Peek into the Office
tbd* is lucky to have a beautiful open-space loft in the heart of Kreuzberg. There is a lot of light and we like to work with the windows open. We have a conference room and a dining area, including a couch where you can work off the post-lunch slump.
The kitchen resembles more of a cupboard so nobody is preparing gourmet lunches on a regular basis. Luckily the Bergmannkiez offers plenty of options for cheap and healthy eats. We provide coffee (from Coffee Circle!), tea and some snacks & treats.
The Ubahn (U7) is directly in front of the door but most of the team comes by bike. One of Berlin's favourite shopping areas is right in front of the door and parks are within walking distance.
Get to Know the Team
"Trust goes beyond communication within the team - it is also the foundation for empowered-decision making, flexibility in terms of where one works (i.e. home office or remote work) and transparency within the company."
We have six different nationalities represented in our team.
"We try to identify our strengths and then assign projects and tasks accordingly, as opposed to always working on the basis of being entitled to something strictly based on a job role."
"We strongly rely on each-others work but trust, that everyone takes his responsibilities serious. I was given 100% freedom and trust create my own financial controlling system the way I found it to be right." - Kasia, Finance and Accounting
We have a wellbeing manager and are always looking for ways to ensure we develop a happy and healthy work environment.
Impact & Sustainability
So far tbd* has helped over 2000 mission-driven companies and organisations to find new employees.

tbd* has helped several social innovators to scale to other countries by profiling them on the site. “Since my interview on tbd* I have been contacted by organizations in Vietnam, Mauritania and Germany”

tbd* has been B Corp certified since June 2017.
Naomi Ryland
Zossenerstr. 41, 12059 Berlin
Reflective Authentic Work*
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Jobseekers are increasingly looking for a fully authentic insight into the values and culture of a company before applying. Which is why tbd* consultants go into companies and organisations and run workshop(s) with the employees to help them to identify and agree on what makes them tick. Then we create a profile that reflects their values and culture. It is the first Employer Branding that is value and impact-oriented and which is created exclusively bottom-up, involving all the employees in the process. We don’t just focus on the positive aspects but also the areas that could be improved, advising the companies on how they can become a more attractive employer (particularly for the Generation Y) and ensure they retain their current employees. Why? Because it is our aim to ensure that non-profits and sustainable companies are the best possible employers. Because only then can they attract the best employees and genuinely change the world for the better.