**Please note the deadline has now passed to sign up for the next cohort but due to high demand we have started a waiting list. We will inform you about the next cohort as soon as we can*


Are you currently feeling lost or stuck in your career? Whether you’ve recently lost your job, are having trouble starting your own business or are stuck in a job that you no longer enjoy, it can easily feel overwhelming. Especially in these times of crisis.

But you’re not alone. Together with The Arc, we have developed a new 6 week peer-coaching program to help you go from stuck to thriving. Whether it’s finally cracking the question of what purpose means to you or hacking the job search to create unique opportunities for yourself, you’ll get the answers you’re looking for. And perhaps best of all, you’ll get to connect with a cohort of other smart, passionate people who are in the same boat as you and who will allow you to be human, imperfect and authentic as you go on this journey together. Registration for the first cohort ends on April 20th. (Because, why wait?!) 

The Purpose Fellowship, run by tbd* and The Arc

In this 6-week programme we will: 

  • Make an assessment of the areas you want coaching on (Reorientation? Career? Emotional wellbeing?)

  • Crack on with your biggest challenges - but in self-chosen baby steps and in a way that allows you to have FUN (rather than more stress)

  • Learn to coach yourself and others in weekly calls and small groups - supervised by a professional coach by The Arc

  • Get your own 1-on-1 coaching if you want

What is included?

We support you through the passion-career journey (you can enter at any level!)

  • Identify your real passion/ purpose 
  • Understand how your passion/ purpose overlaps with current work opportunities
  • Hack inspiring job niches where you are so unique that have almost no competition
  • Start to conquer that niche by connecting to experts
  • Get down to the real deal and create opportunities (build concrete business opportunities, apply for jobs …)
  • Learn to celebrate and love yourself more on the journey
  • Master the skill of being emotionally centred while everything else is on fire!

What the Purpose Fellowship is NOT:

  • Another online course with some yogic youtuber telling you that everything is going to be great as long as you just believe in it

  • Another zoom-marathon with 50+ people staring at the same screen pretending to listen but secretly being on their phones

  • More instagram quotes on “Covid19 made me go inwards”

What the Purpose Fellowship IS: 

  • A group of REAL people who are clever, committed and who allow you to be HUMAN, imperfect and authentic

  • Solving your ACTUAL problems like: How do I redesign my career, my purpose and/or my life? How do I get started when I feel down? How can I stay inspired - even when I feel ashamed that I am not coping well? How can I hold space for others although I feel insecure myself?

  • Using this time of the crisis productively - but without creating a burnout from homeoffice! 

  • Wellness for the soul. Inspiration that goes right into your heart (and not just your inbox!)

As experts in passion-career-coaching both tbd* and The Arc have massive resources to support your journey from “being potentially lost and down” to “feeling thrilled about the road ahead”.

This is not a “one-guru-talks-about-the-3-steps-to-happiness-on-zoom”-bullshit! Instead: Our programme teaches you the basics of coaching. You will get coaching by your own mastermind group and give coaching, too. You shall leave every session with concrete baby steps that will bring you closer where you truly wanna go. The coaching style we promote is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced coaches.

The facilitators step in with weekly “knowledge nuggets” adapted to your needs e.g. finding your passion in times of crisis, networking from homeoffice, job applications, impostor syndrome, resilience and mindset etc.. Individual coaching can be added upon request.

How to join?

We will run two programmes: 

  • The Rockets | Application only | If you prefer to do this process with people who themselves have a solid track record of achievement, leadership skills and networks, the rockets are for you. | 39€ + VAT fee per week (Programme Total for 6 Weeks: 234€ + VAT)*

  • The Birds | Just register | If you feel whoever comes is the right person to come, you don’t care about backgrounds and goals of the people you coach or you are coached by, join this one! | 19€ fee+ VAT per week (Programme Total for 6 Weeks: 114€ + VAT)

Deadline for applications: 20th April 11.59pm

First cohort starts: Friday 24th April 1pm (Birds) / 5pm (Rockets) CET. Please note there will be weekly calls every Friday at 1pm CET (Birds) and 5pm (Rockets). If you cannot attend, the session will be recorded but since active participation is required, you should be sure to make time for these sessions. 

Input sessions will be in English but your peer-coaching sessions can be in English or German!

**Please note the deadline has now passed to sign up for the next cohort but due to high demand we have started a waiting list. We will inform you about the next cohort as soon as we can**

It is ok to want to follow your passion - even in times of crisis!

Whilst we can’t change the job market we CAN give you the tools assuring you that you have done everything you could to make the best out of this (and not burn out on the way but actually feel joyful).

*is your future to be determined?

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