Environmental and social responsibility are issues that are of interest to many Europeans. But how many of them would put their money where their mouth is, and spend more on products that are sustainable or ethically produced? 

According to our most recent, European-wide survey, 17% of Italians are willing to spend an additional quarter or more of their monthly budget on sustainable or ethically produced products – significantly more than in other large European countries.

The French were the least likely to spend extra money on sustainable or ethical goods, with only 1 in 25 being willing to spend an additional quarter or more of their monthly budget.

European countries willing to spend most on sustainable products
Country %
Italy 17%
Poland 13%
UK 11%
Germany 10%
Spain 6%
France 4%
Average 10%

sustainable spending

This post is part of an ongoing collaboration between The Changer and Dalia Research on surveying public opinion across Europe to shed more light on a range of social and political issues. To find out more about the survey and methodology, see daliaresearch.com/e28

Originally published May 16, 2016

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