The ICRS (The Institute of Corporate Responsibilty and Sustainability) has recently launched a Webinar series called “Career Conversations”. The series kicked-off with a focus on how to get started with a meaningful career in CR and sustainability in the UK.

In each webinar they host a panel of ICRS Members from various backgrounds and industries to discuss their experience in CRS. They discuss how they got started in the industry, where they are now, and what advice they have for those who are looking to launch a career in CRS.

The first webinar featured Amanda Moreira, Ethical Screening Officer and Masters student in Corporate Responsibilty and Sustainability at Birkbeck University, alongside Regan Leahy, Assistant Citizenship Manager at Hogan Lovells International LLP.

You'll find some more information and a recording of the first webinar here.


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Originally published October 26, 2017

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