Top Ten Sustainability Podcasts

From corporate sustainability to tackling e-waste: we've compiled a list of the top podcasts which delve into sustainable innovation.

von Isabelle Daellenbach, April 9, 2018
Sustainability Podcasts

Sustainability is everwhere. As the climate is changing before our eyes, it's forcing us to turn our attention to the future of our planet. From corporations, to politicians and activists– discussions around sustainability are gaining traction across the board.

Want to tune into the debate?

Whether you are looking for an introduction into the complex world of sustainability or to deepen your understanding of these global issues, we've selected ten podcasts which offer something for all kinds of green thinkers. While some provide the fundamentals, others take a more focused approach to sustainability, grounding their discussions in science, business, or activism.

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Find your favourite or listen to a bit of everything:

1. HBR IdeaCast

IdeaCast is a weekly podcast from Harvard Business Review featuring the leading thinkers in business and management. Episodes cover many corporate topics from leadership strategies to recruitment tips, but strongly feauture sustainability initiatives in business.

In a recent episode, Dominic Barton, the global managing partner of McKinsey&Company, discusses the firm’s sustainability efforts. He talks about his wake-up call and how he now tries to convince CEOs hesitant to make it part of their business model that doing so will improve company performance.

2. The Sustainability Agenda

Providing insight into some of today's biggest sustainability questions, this podcast features interviews with leading sustainability thinkers. Each episode offers discussion on major sustainability challenges, recent developments in the field, what’s working vs. what needs to change, and the future of sustainability. 

Listen to an episode titled "Sustainability: A New Way of Doing Business," featuring George Serafeim of Harvard Business School.

3. The Energy Gang

This weekly podcast on energy, cleantech and the environment, hosts guest from the green tech world to discuss technological, political and market forces driving energy and environmental issues.

In a relevant episode, the Gang, energy futurist Jigar Shah, energy policy expert Katherine Hamilton and Greentech Editor Stephen Lacey, sits down with corporate sustainability expert Andrew Winston to chat about how to judge the success of green efforts at major corporations.

4. The Climate Changers Podcast 

Host Paul Gehres chats with climate and sustainability experts from the UK, Europe, and the rest of the globe. 

"The show aims to shift focus from climate change to the 'Climate Changers' - the people doing important sustainability work & those with valuable advice on how we can live more sustainably."

5. edie

edie is an online resource for professionals working in energy, resource efficiency, and sustainability to provide information and advice for any individual looking to make their organization more sustainable.

This relevant episode feautres an interview with David Croft, the sustainability development director of Diageo, a prominent drinks  firm based in the UK.

6. SustainabilityDefined

If you are new to the field of sustainability or are looking to dig a little deeper, this weekly podcast is there to help you define the often "frustratingly abiguous" terms surrounding the topic. Each episode focuses on a single issue that helps push sustainability forward, explained with the help of an expert.

Listen to this episode on Big Data and Sustainability, feauturing Google's Kate Brandt.

7. Sustainababble

Using a comedic tone to discuss serious issues surrounding climate change, Sustainababble explains the most complex environmental issues in simple terms. Listen to a relevant episode below, covering the economic side of environmental challenges, featuring the author of Doughnut Economics.

8. Think: Sustainability

For some inspiring dialogue on the topic of sustainability as a whole, Think: Sustainability provides insight into the the global challenges we face as we mould the future of our planet. Based out of Australia, but globally geared, episodes cover hot topics such as algae, veganism, drones, and e-waste. Check out this episode on sustainable finance:

9. Sustainable Business

From's Professional Networks, the Sustainable Business Podcast provides ideas and insights for progressive business leaders. In a more science-driven episode, experts from the sustainability field discuss the planetary boundaries model–how much pressure the environment can withstand– and what that means for sustainable businesses. 

10. The Impact Report

Presented by Bard College's Sustainability MBA program, The Impact Report shares "stories from the front lines of business and sustainability innovation." Each episode features an interview with an environmental influencer who share their efforts to make a change.

Happy listening!

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