Active Philanthropy gGmbH


Active Philanthropy was founded in 2006. It is a social enterprise that supports philanthropists, social investors and business families who want to make a lasting difference in protecting the planet for future generations.

For donors who wish to ensure a maximum impact of their philanthropic commitments, the organisation offers strategy design and analysis, grant management services, access to a portfolio of pre-screened climate projects and NGOs, as well as other bespoke support. It also advises philanthropists on how to realign their existing portfolios in light of the climate crisis.

Since 2007, Active Philanthropy has been organising expeditions to Greenland for philanthropists to explore the causes and witness the impacts of climate change. Jointly with scientists and climate experts, participants learn about concrete options for climate philanthropy and how to start their journey towards impactful engagement.

In 2019, Active began working in close collaboration with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), Europe’s largest climate funder, to increase the awareness and motivation to act on climate change among foundations and philanthropists.