Through the University of Dundee’s MSc in Sustainability, students gain an understanding of theory, critical analysis, and practical skills to facilitate transformation in sustainability. During the course, you can focus on the MSc in Sustainability, or you can choose to do a specialised pathway in Water Security, Green Economy, or Climate Change and Low Carbon Futures.

The University of Dundee welcomes applications from those with environmental backgrounds (geography, planning, environmental studies), natural science backgrounds (chemistry, maths, engineering) and also those who have completed undergraduate degrees in arts and social sciences.

Course content includes modules such as:

  • Principles of Sustainability

  • Transformation for Sustainability

  • International Law of Natural Resources and Energy

  • Environmental Regulation

  • Politics of the Environment

  • Climate Change

Take a look at the University of Dundee's website to see even more module choices.

Graduates enter careers in policy, practical management, training, and research across a range of organisations such as international agencies and NGOs, environmental consultancies, governments and environmental management and policy sectors.

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