Nesta is the UK’s leading social-innovation foundation. Its work spans not only the UK but most of the world. Nesta’s central mission is to help develop ideas with the power to improve society. It pursues this mission in a range of ways.

At the core of Nesta’s work is its research, thought-leadership and policy advocacy as a think tank. On the basis of this expertise, and its international network of partners, Nesta pursues many other streams of work. Through its Innovation Lab, the organisation develops and tests solutions to a range of social and environmental issues. It also runs a range of funding initiatives, incubation and support programmes, innovation challenges and events series designed to develop the social-innovation ecosystem. For practitioners, Nesta also designs a range of learning and reference tools and resources, foremost of which is the DIY Toolkit.

Nesta’s UK team is over 150 strong. Prestigious internships, entry-level opportunities and senior positions are therefore available on a regular basis.