Unlocked Grads


Unlocked is a unique two-year leadership development programme. It is designed to attract a new type of leader to work in prisons and focus on rehabilitation a reduction in reoffending rates.

Currently, 46% of UK prisoners reoffend within 12 months of release. This creates more victims, causes untold damage and costs the UK more than £15bn. Graduates joining the Unlocked programme will work to tackle this. They will develop as leaders able to inspire behaviour change and positive choices, but also acquire skills and experiences transferable to other employment and leadership settings. As they work as prison officers across London and the South East, they will also gain a master’s degree.

After the programme, participants can either stay within the prison and rehabilitation system, leading institutional change from within, or take other career opportunities. Either way, they will join a network of informed advocates for change, influencing perceptions of prisoners and helping create further opportunities for them to reintegrate with society.