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BEMPU is looking for a

Engineer (f/m)
for 6 weeks to 4½ months

to Develop a Device to Combat Sleep Apnea of Prematurity to Save Lives. We think this is a meaningful project for the seasoned electrical engineer to support health in Bangalore, India in exchange for flights and housing.


In order to combat sleep apnea in premature babies, BEMPU is developing a new wearable electro-mechanical device for detection (pulse oximetry) and tactile stimulation for apnea in premature newborns. The device will be worn on the foot of the newborn and will also create an audio-visual alert in both home and hospital settings.  This will be the second device in BEMPUs portfolio and is funded by USAID’s Saving Lives at Birth Challenge.

While initial prototypes for this device have been developed, in order to refine the design and get it ready for production, BEMPU is looking for a senior electronics engineer to help with product development and training of the local team. A foreign expert will bring valuable skills to meet the technical, safety and usability requirements of this device. More specifically, the iteration of the prototype will require component selection, coding and circuit board design for reduced power consumption, higher accuracy of mearing SpO2 and pulse rate, size reduction suitable for baby foot and safety of use. Through the expertise brought by a foreign engineer, BEMPUs own engineers will learn new skills and give them new reference points of similar technologies.

Currently, there is no low-cost apnea detection and stimulation monitor for low-resource communities.

This project will be a success when: ​

A functional prototype of the device meeting the technical, safety and CE regulatory requirements is developed

Deliverables for this project will be:

  • A functional prototype of the device which meets technical, safety and CE regulatory requirement
  • Detail design file of the electro-mechanical system to be transferred to vendors for small scale manufacturing of the device

What professional skills and abilities are needed from the expert?

  • Signal processing algorithms
  • Signal extraction technique
  • Understand electronics design for low-power, wearable medical devices
  • Ability to integrate pulse oximetry technology with custom designed electromechanical stimulation systems
  • Designing and prototyping effective electro-mechanical systems for tactile stimulation
  • Designing electronics for safe wearability by a newborn, low power consumption, compact size, non-interference with other medical equipment.
  • Designing for CE regulatory requirements


  •     Engineering
  •     Industrial Design
  •     Innovation
  •     Product Design


  • English


  • Hindi

Great for people with electrical engineering skills!

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