The global mission of IsraAID is to efficiently support and meet the changing needs of populations as they move from crisis to reconstruction/rehabilitation, and eventually to sustainable living. This commitment is expressed through emergency relief and sustainable development, with an emphasis on the transition between them.


For a program with children residing in refugee shelters in Frankfurt

The program and your responsibilities:

  • Helping improve the well-being of children residing in refugee shelters in Frankfurt.
  • Leading 2 art-therapy programs in 2 days of the week children 3-13 residing in 2 refugee shelters in Frankfurt.
  • Helping the refugee-shelters’ teams to maintain a good over-view of the psychosocial state of the children.
  • Reporting weekly and keeping close contact and communication with IsraAID Germany’s Country Director located in Berlin.
  • Maintaining excellent communication with other ISraAID Germany’s professional team members in Frankfurt.
  • Following the organization’s methods of work and goals.

Your profile:

  • Graduate of an art-therapy school.
  • Speaking very good German and English (Other languages are an advantage).
  • Good personal communication.

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