We are looking for a Technical Project Manager who can design and implement technical projects that involve significant data, tech, and/or design components. You would manage technical support projects and relationships with partners, and you would work with colleagues across the organisation to support on other tech-heavy projects. In line with our mission and values, your work would involve assessing and implementing human-centered technologies that are human-centered and accessible across a diversity of socio-political contexts, local infrastructure and resources, abilities, ages and languages.

  • Location: Remote
  • Hours worked: full-time
  • Pay: between 4,500 and 5,300 USD per month gross, depending on skills and experience
  • Perks: up to 300 USD per month in approved expenses
  • Application deadline: March 2
  • Application link: see bottom of this post

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The Engine Room’s mission is to strengthen the fight for social justice by supporting civil society to use technology and data strategically, effectively and responsibly. Over the past decade we have worked with more than 700 organisations on five continents, addressing issues ranging from transparency and accountability, to human rights and humanitarian support, to environmental justice, migrant workers’ rights, women’s rights, and more.

As a remote, international organisation, we have a diverse range of expertise and experience. Our core team is made up of 16 people spread across 10 countries in Africa, Europe, North America and South America –including technologists, researchers, community managers, activists, designers, campaign strategists, and facilitators with diverse sectoral and functional specialisations. Our diversity allows us to critically assess the work we do, ensuring that multiple perspectives are incorporated into project design and implementation and helping us question our own biases.


  • Lead or contribute to the design and implementation of technical projects that involve significant data, technological and/or design components, such as tech audits, organisational security support, customizing existing software for civil society groups, etc. (Check the bottom of this post for detailed information on examples of relevant technical projects.)
  • Create detailed project outlines and product roadmaps for technology and data heavy projects.
  • Produce communications and training materials, as well as, developer and end user documentation.
  • Facilitate training sessions for social justice and human rights organisations.
  • Work closely with your colleagues across the team and with external consultants to ensure you have the necessary knowledge and input for each project that you manage.
  • Support other project managers by providing project design and other expertise as needed, including light-weight forms of support (LiTS) and more intensive long-term partnerships (Matchbox).
  • Nurture relationships with partners in a way that strengthens our work and supports business development opportunities.
  • Keep up-to-date on emerging technologies that could impact the support we provide
  • Represent The Engine Room’s work at events and other relevant spaces.
  • Collaborate with your coworkers, partners and others in our spaces in a way that is in line with our organisational values.
  • Diligently manage your own personal admin as well as project-related budgets, contracts in line with our internal operations processes and policies.


You are invested in strengthening social justice movements. You care about the political nature of technology, data and infrastructure. You are passionate about sharing knowledge and learning through documentation and synchronous communication. You are organised. Specifically, you can manage multiple projects and tasks and prioritise accordingly, you document your work & communicate your progress, and you meet deadlines. You enjoy and are good at explaining technical components with clarity, simplicity and accessibility in mind, adjusting your vocabulary and level of technical detail to fit your audience. You understand and empathise with the fact that there are a multitude of factors that impact peoples’ ability to use and access technology - your approach takes this context, cultural backgrounds and languages into account. You are patient - especially during times of crisis. You make it a priority to reuse, maintain and enrich technologies, thinking twice before building new ones. You recognise that not all problems need a tech solution.


  • 3+ years experience managing projects with significant data and technology components.
  • Demonstrated experience building or managing the development of web-based products from start to finish with user-centered design principles, as in monitoring the quality and performance of products through testing and maintenance.
  • Demonstrated experience implementing data and technology solutions in a nuanced and critical way.
  • Experience managing project budgets.
  • Experience managing and working with consultants and multi-disciplinary project teams.
  • English communication skills (written and spoken). Other languages appreciated - Languages spoken in Latin America and the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa preferred.
  • Experience working with open-source tools.
  • Are based in the time zone between UTC-5 and UTC+2 and generally available around 11am-4pm (UTC+1).


    • Experience producing documentation for a varied audience.
    • Experience working in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other relevant web design coding languages.
    • Experience using a version control system.
    • Knowledge of web-based products security components.
    • Remote work experience

    What do we mean by technical projects?

    Technical projects at The Engine Room are never just about the tech. When we build web platforms and tools, we develop them alongside a community who sees it as a means, not an end in itself. Examples of past and present The Engine Room technical projects have included the design and implementation of processes to:

    • Redesign the Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y Justicia (ACIJ) budget Monitor platform, designed to flag government budget reallocations, which can indicate misspent funds or corruption. The redesign was implemented after an in-depth organisational needs assessment and user research, and involved the collaboration with UX/UI designers, front-end developers, data scientists and Android developers.
    • Explore, prioritise and assess the needs and challenges in relation to a centralised CRM platform. Our team explored and recommended potential technology systems and existing solutions that could address those needs. We also designed a thorough implementation plan to assist them with rollout to each level of the organisation.
    • Design and build Alidade. This is a tool that aims to support organisations in identifying appropriate tech solutions. It guides users through a series of questions that, instead of merely suggesting established methodologies, surfaces users’ practical needs and narrows down the vast number of tech options to a short list of appropriate solutions. The project involved deep research and collaboration between researchers, UX experts, graphic designers and developers, and went through multiple iterations.
    • Critically evaluate the opportunities and challenges of potential Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Socially Assistive Robotics (SAR) programming for appropriate, relevant, cost-effective and impactful education programming solutions in development and humanitarian settings.

    Identifying opportunities for an effective and strategic use of data and technology for the Frida Fund to strengthen their vision. More specifically, we supported the young feminist fund in strengthening their organisational operations and boosting intentional and thoughtful decision-making, and the adaption of consistent data and technology practices, aligned with FRIDA’s technology development principles. Through our work together, we supported the team on identifying these aforementioned principles, which later took the form of the “Principles to guide technology and data”.

    Visit our Jobs page to learn more about what it’s like to work at The Engine Room.

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