You want to learn about the Art of Photography?

You would like to know who to transport a certain feeling through a Picture? And show people what moves you and where you move in the City?

Than this is your chance.

We are searching for women – with all different cultural backgrounds – between 16 – 30 Years old, who want to take part in our Summer Academy “my place – your place”. What makes a place special for a person and what can we learn about a person by getting to know their favourite place?

You will learn how different camera perspectives and image formations can change the perception of a place and you will decide in teams how to draw attention on certain aspects of a place. Additionally we will have a look on how to curate an exhibition by playing with the hanging of the Photographs. You will work in Teams of two and get to know the other person by getting to know her favourite place.
The pictures will be taken with your own cell phones. If the quality is not good enough, we will figure something out for the time of the workshop.
In the end there will be an Exhibition opening in our Projectroom “caridoo” in Penzlauer Berg, where the pictures will be exhibited for about one or two month.