The Arc Fest – What the heck?

The Arc Fest gathers passionate millennials from all over Europe for a magical end-of-summer-celebration. We have sourced speakers, workshop leaders, artists and chefs from all over to spend an unforgettable weekend in the outskirts of Berlin.

We have invented The Arc Fest because we thought: "If ever we spent a most amazing weekend with the most amazing people - THIS is what we'd do!"

Are you up for this? Read on!

Who is it for?

The Arc Fest is for entrepreneurs, corporate gooddoers, hard-core volunteers, inspired freelancers, social impact bunnies, artists, doctors, gardeners ... [finish the series].

It is made for young life and impact lovers from all over Europe who are…

  • already living or wanting to live their passion,
  • thrilled to meet dozens of like-minded people to have meaningful conversations and interactions that go beyond small talk and “hey, add me on Facebook, if you like”,
  • excited to lift their life to a new level by being inspired and inspiring yourself and those around you,
  • do not chicken out when challenged, questioned or jeopardized, because they value “growth” over “playing Tetris in my comfort zone”,
  • at some level sincerely wanting to make the world a better place! (YES!)

What’s on the programme?

There will be wonderful dinners with yummy home-cooked food, funky parties, workshops to truly entert(r)ain you and probably loads of future friends.

  • WORKSHOPPING | Yup. We’ll have workshops. They’ll tackle questions such as: Where is my bottleneck to personal growth? How must I grow to become a more authentic and inspiring fellow or leader? Does my personal life need adjustment? What do I REALLY wanna head towards? 
  • PARTY | The team has prepped experiences that you are likely to love until the end of days. Flowers in the hair? Noctilucent fireflies in the sky? Get the bubble machine and the black light lamp out. It shall be fun!
  • SPEAKERS | What else? A bunch of speakers that will move your hearts and tickle your ambition. They are Founders and CEOs of startups or social entreprises, facilitators from The Arc network and beyond.
  • And … as always there will be REALLY REALLY GOOD FOOD. (Yumm…)

Find us here or on Facebook. We are looking forward to you!