betahaus | Office Hours are one-on-one free consultancy sessions (30 mins) with experts from our community to our community.

Event Description:

  • Are you about to start a new journey?
  • Do you have dreams or fantasies you want to fulfil?
  • Are you scared of your dreams?
  • Is your current project/job transforming into a nightmare?
  • Do you feel blue?
  • Is your motivation weaker than before?
  • Are you moody?

Then this OH is for you! 

About Event Holder

In his work as a counsel, Stefano Carpani support (in Italian, Spanish and English) individuals in their self-development process. He is particularly careful to work with those that embarked on a new journey, those in transition, those adapting to their new city and those that feel anxious, stressed, under pressure or melancholic.

Stefano Carpani is a Psychoanalyst-in-Training (diploma candidate) at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, a Ph.D. Researcher at the Centre for Psychoanalytical Studies at the University of Essex as well as the initiator of the School of Dreams. He graduated in Literature and Philosophy with magna cum laude in Milan, consolidated his studies in Budapest (Erasmus), Manchester (M.A.) and Cambridge (M.Phil.). He loves THE CURE, BASQUIAT, Copenhagen and Thomas Bernhard.

Stefano works as COUNSEL in his private praxis in Berlin.

Important Information

  • To secure your spot please register in advance by sending an email to . In your email please indicate which 30-minute time slot you would like on the day. Your preferred 30-minute time slot must be within the specified time frame for this Office Hours session.
  • Office Hours is a one-on-one consultation session. Not a group workshop or a presentation.
  • Once you arrive, please go to reception and wait. The event will take place at reception.
  • Only one session (30 minutes) per person per month.
  • If you would like to cancel, please have the courtesy to email to let them know.



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