In chaos and disorder, finding meaning can be hard. Oskar Woehr will explore the topic of life purpose in this interactive workshop.

In chaos and disorder, the hardest thing to grasp can be some kind of meaning. The workshop goal: to explore the topic of life purpose using an awesome Japanese tool and to look at what kind of self-sabotage might be stopping you from pursuing your goals. This session is designed as an interactive workshop where participants will do the following:

  • Understanding and exploring life purpose using a tool called Ikigai
  • Understanding one's ways of thinking
  • Creating a plan of action

We look forward to you joining us!

About our presenter:

Oskar is currently a trainer and coach living in Switzerland, who is passionate about the topic of life purpose as he helps university & high school students, as well as professionals making a shift in their careers, to get clarity on what path is right for them. He studied psychology in university, and is currently giving online workshops on different topics to level up one's life.

About sense_month

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