The Koreo Prize is a national storytelling competition which aims to unlock fresh perspectives on 6 pressing social issues: community resilience, gender equality, social mobility, wellbeing, social housing & food security. Based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Koreo Prize gives young creative people an opportunity to explore in inequalities of today through whatever medium they choose.

Koreo is running a pop-up exhibition to showcase the work of the Koreo Prize finalists. Come by for documentary screenings, photography, zines, plays, art installations, human libraries, performance art and more. This is an open event, so feel free to bring along any young people (in age or spirit) that you may know.

The Prize Finalists are a group of 30 young people from a whole range backgrounds including students, young professionals, artists, Chartiyworks trainees, activists & film makers.

This is a free event, you can register for it here

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